2005 Video of US West Coast Davenport Arabian horses

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 14th, 2012 in General

This 2005 video by Carol Mingst features some of the nicest Davenport Arabian stallions and mares on the US West Coast, all from Craver Farms: Betty Ball’s Dubloon CF (Lysander x Decibel); Michael Bowling’s glorious Trilogy (Prince Hal x Trill) and also Shiraz CF (Regency CF x Ariadne CF); Diane Lyons’ En Pointe CF (Triermain CF x Pirouette CF), Carrie Cabak’s Nuance CF (Odysseus x Audacity), and Lustre CF (Javera Thadrian x Audacity). It also shows some of Michael Bowling Davenport colts.

5 Responses to “2005 Video of US West Coast Davenport Arabian horses”

  1. Very nice!
    I believe the title for the colts has Eldar HD and Latitude HD mixed up…

  2. I haven’t been through the video yet, but Eldar HD is bay and Latitude HD is gray.

  3. … right, the blaze-faced bay colt is Eldar HD, and the minimal-white bay colt is Phylip (by Palisades CF).

  4. nice colts, perfect old type!
    where are you located?

  5. The video was taken in Davis, California, but the horses in it come from as far as Dallas, Oregon.

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