2008 Al Khamsa Convention

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 4th, 2008 in General

The 2008 Al Khamsa Convention is taking place in Tulsa, Oklahoma from October the 23rd until the 26th. Check out the schedule here. I plan on being there.

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  1. LAYYA

    Looking at Layya’s export papers I found the following abnormalities:
    — Decision of the classification comittee (Decision du comite de classification) :Received (Admise).While on the others export papers it is written :Admise Pur sang Arabe(received as pure bred Arab)
    On Layya’s export paper it is written near her picture “This mare is pure bred Arab”(cette jument est pur sang Arabe)and signed. no one at the race track recognised the signature on the export certificate.it is the only export cerificate with this kind of remark as it was added after the comittee wrote only:admise (received)
    Moreover the export document dont wear the seal of the US consulate,like the other documents do.

    2– what is her strain?
    according to the export papers she was raised in the Bekaa valley by Kayane x Nayla,how come that no one knows Nayla strain?

    Looking at Layya’s race record we find that she won 5 races in 6 month from june 10 to december the first, which is quite a record for a three years old filly.Henri Pharaon would never sell such a filly if there was not a problem,he would have kept her for reproduction as he was the no 1 horse owner in Lebanon and Syria at the time.

    In my opinion Al Khamsa did not investigate carefully enough Layya.
    I do have the export papers and can scan them if necessary.

  2. Interesting topic! lets discuss it in a next post.

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