2014 Bahraini/Saudi Dahman Shahwan foals in Germany

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 19th, 2014 in Bahrain

To continue with the series of this year’s foals, here are a couple from Regine and Warren Staas in Germany, from desert Saudi-Bahraini lines, tracking to *Savannah in tail female.

This black filly is alredy on allbreedpedigree.com (here) by AAS Japik (AAS Sail out of AAS Al Kamila) out of AAS Ghazala, and both dam and daughter look splendid!

20140429_140134 (2)


The chestnut colt below is also a Dahman, by AAS Japik out of AAS Muharraq (AAS Theeb x AAS Ghazala), and is also a promising one. These are all close lines to the desert, and as Lady Anne Blunt wrote in her Journals about a mare of same strain and same origin (Bint El Bahreyn) “the Dahmeh Shawanieh from Ibn Khalifeh, she is a fine mare and authentic” (Dec. 22 1907) and “authentic blood from eastern Arabia is rare” (Dec. 30 1907). It still is.

IMG-20140429-WA0030 (2)


5 Responses to “2014 Bahraini/Saudi Dahman Shahwan foals in Germany”

  1. Wonderful!

  2. Seeing these precious new babies—the whole series—is heart lifting, Edouard. You are a good influence. I can only hope that the world begins to appreciate these lines as the links between cultures that they are.

  3. It is really one set of authentic horses, whether they are in France, Germany, Egypt or the USA, and one community of people around the world, fighting the same fight. Together, they are stronger.

  4. Glad you are there, bringing the rest of us these exciting glimpses of what was and still is.

    Wish the wars would end! and the important things would begin to sink in, like love of life gifted.

    Stay well, Jackson / Bedouin Arabians

  5. Nice babies!!

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