2014 Kuhaylat al-Kharass filly at the Tahawis in Egypt

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 19th, 2014 in Egypt

The Tahawi preservation breeders have the last (with her dam) asil Kuhaylat al-Kharass filly, by a Straight Egyptian stallion from US lines and out of the desert mare. I have not seen her yet, but from the photos Yasser took, she seems quite something.

There was only one horse from that strain, an aged stallion, in the Syrian Studbook and he died a while ago. There was an old mare from the same strain in the Lebanese studbook, but she died too. The strain is originally from the Sba’ah ‘Anazah, where it was much prized and sought after especially for racing. It is well represented in the sire and dam lines of many of the Hearst imports.

It was also the strain of Proximo/Jadaan, the personal mount of the head of the Fad’aan Jadaan Ibn Mhayd, seen by the Blunts in their second desert journey in 1881 (Lady Anne spelled the strain as Kuhaylan Akhras) and bought by them in India where he had been sold for racing.  Proximo failed to produce anything at Crabbet (not very fertile), and was eventually sold to Poland yet at some point it was considered likely that the Crabbet foundation mare Nefisa was his daughter, and not Hadban’s, but thatprobability has been ruled out since.


Kharssa filly Tahawi 2014

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  1. Here is what AKA III has to say about Proximo, courtesy of Jeanne Craver:

    Proximo (BLT)—see photo and detail, p114—was included in Al Khamsa Arabians (1983) in the Foundation Horse section as follows: an 1875 bay stallion of Ibn Khoreysan of the Qumusa-Saba imported in 1881 to India for the aqayl Abd Ar-Rahman, purchased from Abd Ar-Rahman by Wilfrid and Lady Anne Blunt, and imported in 1884 to England by the Blunts. His sire was shown as a Mu’niqi-Sbaili, his dam as a Kuhaylat-Akhras. Weatherby’s General Stud Book required that all stallions covering a mare in a given year, even if months apart, be shown as possible sires. Proximo is shown in Weatherby’s as a possible sire of Nefisa (BLT)—otherwise by Hadban (BLT) out of Dajania (BLT)—and Rosemary (BLT)—otherwise by Jeroboam (BLT) out of Rodania (BLT). Lady Anne Blunt wrote in Proximo’s entry in her travelling herd book, “It was stated above…. that Darley was the only failure among imported horses, but though Proximo was a truly magnificent horse, it must be admitted that he, too, was a failure at the stud. There were but two foals by him during three years—one a colt of Jerboa’s, the other a filly of Bozra’s. Both were remarkably fine foals, but both unfortunately died. Proximo was given to Count Potocki, and exported by him to Russian Poland, but there was no improvement in him for stud purposes, there being no produce.” The record of Rosemary’s birth also contains the statement, “But the foal was certainly by Jeroboam.” (Quotes from unpublished private Crabbet Stud records of Lady Anne Blunt, transcribed by Michael Bowling, through the kindness of the late Lady Anne Lytton.) No entry for Proximo (BLT) will be found in the Foundation Horse section of this book.

  2. Appears to be a well built girl!

  3. Wonderful! Hope to see more photos of her soon.

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