A list of residents of Qubbah Gardens in Cairo in 1936

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 20th, 2014 in General

Qubbah Gardens was the upscale Cairo neighborhood surrounding the Khedivial Palace of Qubbah/Qubbeh. This list (in French) of the neighborhood’s residents in 1936 and their profession (if “Crown Prince”, “member of the royal family” or “Rentier” are professions) reads like a Who’s Who of Egypt’s rich and famous of that time. Note the diversity of backgrounds that was characteristic of the upper echelons of Egyptian society at that time: Jews, Christians, Muslims, Levantines, Westerners, etc.

The list includes “Ibrahim Khairi Pashja, Lewa” (Lieutenant General) of Badaouia fame (the dam of Kheir who was likely named after his dam’s owner) and “Mohammed Nafea Pasha, Rentier” of Nafaa El Saghira fame, who seem to have been neighbors, as well as co-contributors to RAS foundation breeding stock.



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