A morning at El Zahraa

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 20th, 2009 in Egypt

While visiting Egypt for week a couple weeks ago, I spent a morning at the Egpytian Agricultural Organization’s (EAO) stables of El Zahraa in Ein Shams. I was joined by my father, General Salim Al-Dahdah, who lives in Beirut, and came to Cairo to spend a few days with me. EAO Director Ali Said welcomed us, and we spent three hours visiting the stallions‘ stables as well as the mares‘ paddocks. The magnificent grey stallions Harras (Kisra x Hebat El Nil) , Serag El Din (Mourad x Safinaz) and Baydoun (Gad Allah x Bint Ibtisam), in that order, were both our personal favorites. Too bad I did not bring my digital camera with me..

The photo of Harras below is from the Asil Club’s website.

2 Responses to “A morning at El Zahraa”

  1. Dear Edouard,
    Thank you for the posting about El Zahraa.
    All of us who know you and your father are eager to hear additional, more detailed comments about what you observed during your visit there.
    Its been over 25 years since my last visit to Egypt.
    I recently read an interesting article on El Zahraa posted on straightegyptians.com, and have also just learned that veteran Egyptian breeder Dr. Nasr Marei has joined the board that will help guide El Zahraa’s future, leaving me very hopeful that El Zahraa will resume its central role regarding the breeding of the asil horse in Egypt.
    I pray that El Zahraa will have a long and healthy future, and am happy to hear that presently this stud does not share the sad fate of government studs such as Babolna, but instead remains assured of continued government support.
    Best wishes,

  2. I was introduced to horses about thirty five years ago at the Devon Horse Show. That led me to a friend who breeds Arabian horses in Wisconsin. After that I was hooked. I haven’t stopped drawing and painting Arabians ever since, and I love to read blogs that feature them. Thanks for the story about El Zahraa. In the past I’ve done many covers and books depicting Arabians. El Zahraa inspires me to run to my studio and pick up my brush.

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