Ahmed Ibish photos and information from his grandson

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 30th, 2015 in General

This is one of the nice surprises which maintaining this blog can offer you from time to time. Some time ago, Dr. Ahmed Ibish, the grandson of his famous namesake, left some comments on Daughters of the Wind about his grandfather’s involvement with horse-racing, and he now sent me these precious, precious photos. I believe these are the first photos the Arabian horse community gets to see of Ahmed Ibish (of Aiglon, hence, *Exochroda, hence Sirecho fame). Please do not take them or reproduce them without his permission. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Ahmed wrote in his message:

“I could copy these pictures in Damascus; Unfortunately none of them was dated, and they have not titles or comments of any kind. I believe that the racing track shown is that of Beirut? Date must be around end of 1930s; My grand father lived between 1857-1941; the young man with the mare is my late father Nouri Ibish (1891-1975), picture apparently taken in Damascus. While the picture of Ahmed Ibish sitting, shows his two sons, Hussein (1884-1967) & Nouri; None of them was a horse breeder, but were both keen enthusiasts of outdoor life and big game hunting. I wish I had a picture of the legendary Aiglon, but I was not lucky in this regard.”







5 Responses to “Ahmed Ibish photos and information from his grandson”

  1. Oh, heaven! Thank you both!

  2. Hi Edouard,
    With a great pleasure I have read your latest post. Truly this is the first time ever photos of my grandfather are published. I deeply thank you for your efforts without which they would not have seen the light. I still have some more if you like, from the racing track.

  3. You are welcome. Oh yes, the more the better. and if he left some archives, even better.

  4. Thank you Mr. Ibesch and also Edouard for sharing these photos that are a window into the past. As someone whose very first Arabian mare, Sirbana, was sired by a grandson of Aiglon (Sirecho), I am very grateful for anything more that can be learned from a very special past.

  5. Please Mr. Ahmed. Share with more photos and old information about your grandfather
    Thank you

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