al-Abjar, asil Saqlawi Jadran of Ibn Zubayni in Syria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 7th, 2012 in Syria

While digging through old pictures, I came across this headshot of the asil Saqlawi stallion al-Abjar, which I took in the mid 1990s, at the studfarm of the late Hajj Amin Yakan near al-Bab, not far from Aleppo. He was a tall stallion of tremedous style, carriage and presence. My father is the man in the picture.

I have already written about al-Abjar here. He was a Saqlawi Jadran of Ibn Zubayni, from the marbat of al-Dali’ (like his relative *Mirage), later in the marbat of the Mudariss family. There is still a thin tail female line running through his sister, in Damascus.


5 Responses to “al-Abjar, asil Saqlawi Jadran of Ibn Zubayni in Syria”

  1. It is good to compare this head shot with the one of *Mirage you used in the referenced post previously. The body shot of Al-Abjar in that post seems quite distorted, I assume because of camera position. I am really glad to see this one of him!

  2. I love this horse’s head and the look in his eye…

  3. Edouard,

    Is this just another Saqlawi Jadran? Just, how many are there? or were there? “every one wants a Saqlawi Jadran”

    I hope you are smiling?

  4. Even in the distorted body shot he seems to ressemble a lot to Mirage – seems a very attractive stallion anyhow. Always wondered how many offspring by Mirage has been registered by Lady Wentworth under a different sire name 🙂

  5. Patrick — I believe the argument has been made that offspring attributed by Lady Wentworth to “Miraze” were actually sired by Mirage.

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