al-Ashnaf, Ubayyan al-Suyayfi, Saudi Arabia

By Matthias Oster

Posted on February 25th, 2011 in Saudi

This handsome eight years old desert-bred stallion is from the Najd Stud of Prince Turki near al-Kharj, and we saw him during our recent trip with the Asil Club delegation.

7 Responses to “al-Ashnaf, Ubayyan al-Suyayfi, Saudi Arabia”

  1. Very,very nice!! Balance, Symmetry (Harmony of form, resulting from a symmetrical arrangement of parts; or right proportion) and Economy of Movement. He is easy to like.

  2. an very Masculine Stallion wow

  3. Wonderful coupling, short back, good shoulder, good bone.
    He has it all! His strain is Ubayyan, is that correct?
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  4. Fantastic horse and is much different than the Saudi horses we have in US.

  5. The horse Al-Ashnaf is over all type similar to many Krush that I have raised. Looking a lot like the Krush that were close to Sir. The other group was very different, the Asar look.

    Actually the horse above was so much like Chamisan, I did a double take. Thinking his type is almost good enough to be one of the Krush! Barn pride! The crest is very high in most of the Krush, allowing the head to tuck.

    Always difficult to say something without another questioning? Often me, as generalized remarks, often
    spark my own memories. I have no idea today what the general type is as to the Krush! I have been away for so many years. And the ones I have seen now vary as to type!

    Years ago there were several differing looks in the Krush. Just like that in the Reshan, or in the now Hamdani group.

    Oh well, Jackson

  6. The full report by Matthias Oster is now available on the Asil Club Website.

  7. Thanks Karsten, good to hear from you.

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