Al Khamsa adds the three Tahawi mares of Hamdan stables to its Roster

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 19th, 2011 in General

Monday mornings are rough. This one was all the rougher because the weekend that preceded it was so good. Yesterday afternoon, I came back from the Al Khamsa Convention in Pennsylvania, where I saw old friends and made new ones.

Many important things took place at this Convention, including the unanimous acceptance by Al Khamsa’s Board and General Assembly of the three Tahawi mares (Folla, Futna, and Bint Barakat) and their otherwise Al Khamsa eligible descendants as Al Khamsa Arabians Horses.

All three mares trace their origins to horses imported by the Tahawi clan of Egypt from the Northern Arabian desert (to which the Tahawis had many connections, all documented) and more specifically from the ‘Anazah tribes of Sba’ah (mainly), Fad’aan, Hssinha, Wuld ‘Ali, Sawalimah and Ruwalah.

4 Responses to “Al Khamsa adds the three Tahawi mares of Hamdan stables to its Roster”

  1. This is cause for great celebration!!

  2. Thanks to Al Khamsa’s board members and general assembly for this great decision. We hope for more steps in the future by Al Khamsa and all the other horse organizations to restore the reputation and credibility of the Tahawy horses.

  3. An important and long-awaited historic decision and as Jenny Krieg says, great cause for celebration.

  4. The online roster dates from last year. A new version, including the new additions and their descendants, is in process.

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