Al Khamsa Preservation Task Force January 2013 update

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 25th, 2013 in General

Here are excerpts from the report the Al Khamsa Preservation Task Force submitted to the Al Khamsa Board of Directors at this January’s winter Board meeting: 

Al Khamsa Preservation Task Force January 2013 Update

Task Force Goals for 2013: 

1) identify bloodlines in danger of being lost, and classify them in order of most urgent to less urgent (Code Red and Code Orange lists); write about them and advocate for them; search for horses from these bloodlines and their owners; establish a database for these bloodlines; the task force is limited to endangered Ancestral Elements and Foundation horses, plus some rare and significant tail females that are not otherwise endangered when found in the middle of the pedigree. For example, it’s about preserving the *Aire tail female, rather than the line of *Aire in the middle of the pedigrees. 

 2) reach out to owners of horses from above bloodlines to encourage them to preserve these horses, and if they can’t find new preservation homes for them, help them find preservation homes; 

 3) provide assistance with registration issues faced by owners of such horses; 

 Since the last update on October 2012, we did the following things:

 –locate five Davenport fillies of the rare Hadban strain, which had previously thought to have been lost to meat auction: (RL Shelby Girl, and at least three unregistered daughters of RL Angel Girl who died, plus a colt). The group is for sale and we will be advocating for its placement in safe hands online.

 –work on helping place two stallions of the same Davenport Hadban strain, Nahar Raad and RL Hasan Shammari.

 –fund-raise for the transport of Jadah Kerasun one of the last tail female *Samirah lines from the Midwest to the West Coast, after a long time preservation breeder agreed to take her on. 

 We will now be turning our attention to goals that had not been achieved in 2012, including:

 –Relocating one of the last mares from the old Glass program (Princess Asjah) the last AK tail female horse to the Blunt mare Rosemary. A preservation home has been identified but the mare’s owner had given her to a neighbor and has not yet been able to take her back.

 –Focusing on the *Aire tail female and the Selmah (Hamdani Simri) and *Roda and *Aziza (Saqlawi Jadran) tail female which are the new top priorities for the group, especially *Aire.

 In the last year 2011-2012, we did a quite a bit of work as a group, including: 

 — locate the last remaining mare to *Euphrates/*Al-Mashoor (plus *Mirage, plus tail female Slipper) and place her in a preservation home, plus work with AHA to get her registered (Sarita Bint Raj). 

 — remove one of the last two Sharp tail female *Nufoud from a vulnerable breeder and place her with a committed preservation breeder (Jadah Bell of the Ball). 

 — breed one more foal to *Mlolshaan and place her in a preservation home (Ubayyat al-Bahrain). 

 — locate one of the last Hadban tail female into the Davenport program, with a breeder who got her from a meat auction, and place her with a preservation breeder (RL Bilquis). 

 — locate one of the last tail male to Antez in the Davenports (Lexington CF) 

 — monitor the remaining *Samirah tail females to avoid their being lost (Jadah Samirah, Jadah Kerasun, ASF Ubeidiyah, Samirah’s Adlayah); 

 — bring back one of two last tail females to *Wadduda (outside the Sahanad group) into production (Jadiba). 

 — bring back two of the last descendants to the Borden Ancestral Element (Mameluke plus Kesia I plus Kesia II, which run only through ASF David) into production from a breeder in Canada who had not been breeding them (Bint al Barra and Cinnabar Myst who are tail female to *Werdi through Kapiti)

— help place another Kapiti tail female mare into preservation hands in Canada (Nuri Al Krush)

— re-establish contact with a veteran preservation breeder (Liz Pade) and follow her horse breeding program

— locate one of the last combined source stallions, a Ma’naqi tail female in Kansas to Sirrula (Rahim Regency WAF)

–In addition there has been work done to place mares from less endangered lines in safe homes with new AK breeders, e.g., Enchante CF in Kansas, Provance CF and Confetti CF in North Carolina, Jadah Antarah in Illinois. 

 Edouard on behalf of the task force

3 Responses to “Al Khamsa Preservation Task Force January 2013 update”

  1. Hi fives to the task force for all the positive outcomes. And thanks for all the hard work and effort. BTW Edouard whats up with Jadiba and Jamr these days?

  2. I haven’t seen them in a while Tim. But they seem to be doing fine from the pictures Sue Moss sent me..

  3. WOW, you guys have been very busy. How wonderful you have helped to save so many endangered horses.

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