Al-Khobar, Hamdani Simri, USA

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 17th, 2011 in Saudi, USA

This is the beautiful 1960 stallion Al-Khobar (Ibn Fadl x *Al-Hamdaniah), a Hamdani Simri of mostly Saudi Arabian bloodlines. Photos from George Hooper, who owned his daughter Nauwas.



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  1. I saw this stallion in the flesh, many years ago. I still think I have a photo of him somewhere.

  2. I’ve probably said this before, but the blood of the mare *Turfa was wonderful and I am so sorry to see it nearly disappear, in part due to the craze of the so-called straight egyptians. When Ms. Ott, with whom I had some dealings, although de minimus, laid the foundation work for preservation of the asil, the lion’s share for North America preservation must be given to Al Khamsa, these horses were on the brink of disappearing in North America.

    The frame and bone which came from the few lines to this mare, gave a horse which was a rider’s joy. Realizing, of course that what I say is inflammatory, to many, the peculiar definition of SE has done nearly as much to decrease the number of asil horses in North America as did the non-discriminatory breeding a la the show ring did before and after Ms. Ott.

    It is, in some ways, disheartening, to see the pictures of these horses which you are posting, that are in other countries, and to which one would love to have access, to further recognize that many of these countries are importing and using lesser animals from North America due to fad and fancy and in several instances, those questionable in ancestry.

  3. I could not agree more. I will also further generalize and argue that the Western-bred Arabian horse has been the primary culprit for the destruction of the asil Arabian horse in its original homeland (except in Egypt). And of course, WAHO was the conduit through which such destruction happened.

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