Amer: Saudi bred race stallion

By Joe Achcar

Posted on November 16th, 2008 in General

Amer is one of the most successful current arabian racing sires and has produced nearly 300 offspring to date. His progeny has raced in Europe and Middle East and currently more than 80 offspring  have won a total of 339 races. 40 of these wins are Group 1 wins, 39 by horses bred and raised at Umm Qarn’s farms in UK and Qatar.  His progeny have additionally been placed in 25 Group 1 races, won 4 Group 2 races and 6 Group 3 races. The text and photos are taken from Umm Qarn Farms, Qatar, Amer’s owners



7 Responses to “Amer: Saudi bred race stallion”

  1. This horse is the biggest scandal in modern Arabian breeding.

  2. He was presented by Prince Sultan to the Emir Abdallah Umm Qarn’s owner.A lot of people wrote to WAHO ,especially the French,businness is business, but they were no match with Qatar donations…

  3. This horse Amer was born in Jordan from the breeding of Al-Sharif Nasser. Al-Sharif Nasser was the biggest producer of Anglo-Arabs horses, which were exported to Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Beirut.

    Many Arabian horses of Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Beirut were bred to the Anglo-Arabs of Sharif Nasser.

    Amer was imported to Saudi Arabia from Jordan, with his sire, an Anglo-Arab from Jordan. But Saudi people are smart, they got Amer out of their country, where he did not leave any lineage.

  4. Pure man, that is not a surprise. This Amer horse is reminiscent of the gray Anglo-Arabs of Sharif Nasser that were running in Beirut in the 1970s.

  5. People in Saudi Arabia

    they Know horses that are not pure How come to the race The originating from Iraq or Jordan or Lebanon or Syria
    they are not breding from it or Mixture .
    they are not Mixt With Pure horses

    Horse Twaik is Brother Amer
    in Khaldiyah farm
    Twaik is oid and was born in Jordan from
    at Sherif Nasser breeding

  6. Offensive comments will be deleted. No insults, pure man, please. You are free to say whatever you want, but please do it with respect to your interlocutor. No one wants to shut you down (make your talk cease). Thank you.

  7. Mr. Achcar,

    You speak with great authority… it seems you were somewhat miffed that I should speak of Saudi Arabia, because I am not there. With your Arabic background and book knowledge, it seems you should be fully aware that Saudi Arabia is a Kingdom.

    My background is such that I know that it is utterly ludicrous for anyone to think they had conquered the interior of Saudi Arabia by conquering a center of governance, whether it was Romans or Turkish Caliphs or the Pashas or anyone else throughout a history that is almost ALL written from the point of view of the foreigner to the Peninsula.

    Then comes one Pure man who I suspect understands the situation in the Kingdom better than you do. Surely you know the situation in the past, if a royal saw a horse he liked among the bedu herd… don’t you know?

    Surely you know the 20th century history of Arabia, the gathering of the Bedu by intermarriage…. surely you know that the pure horses were propagated by the Bedu who care nothing for your book references. One of your Egyptian references in the 50s was so rude as to say he had `heard` they mixed thoroughbreds. How absurd, that a Bedouin with traditional background of maintaining the horses, would accept a thoroughbred. It is an insult. Equally insulting is what i have ‘heard’ about the pedigrees produced in some cases for horses in Egypt…. But IT IS WRITTEN. Very impressive. ??

    And surely you would know the constraints on anyone speaking about the royal horses….

    and you ask someone who I would guess might be a citizen of the Kingdom to give his real name, when he gives you the real information about the background of certain horses? Better to be insulted by you as lack of courage than be a `fool`.

    It seems you may not want to hear truth from a Bedouin breeder. You can read anything you like.

    This does not say that Prince Sultan or Prince Khaled are not respectable persons. Of course they are. But I think Pure man just might be a wise and prudent Bedouin.

    Your attitude and lack of understanding will limit what you learn. Book references are inconsequential in some cases… For example, there is still a breeder who has the pure horses who does not have his horses registered in WAHO, because what is a book? The book is something that came from outside powers…

    There are still a few who know what has happened in the Kingdom, and who still breed pure. Please don’t discourage this discussion just because it doesn’t fit with your city ways of learning and understanding.

    I’m looking forward to a little more time, although I may have answered your reply for the blog Saudi Arabia’s Asil Horses in a general way.


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