An early photo of the Davenport stallion Letan, a Hamdani Ibn Ghurab

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 28th, 2016 in General

I had not seen this photo of Letan (*Muson x *Jedah) before, but now I understand who some of the pretty faced grey Davenport stallions, like Tantris CF, and Quatrain CF, took after. It comes from Dharebah, through Dhrareb, a son of Letan.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing that picture Edouard! Elegance CF takes after Letan strongly in her phenotype and she inherited the “listening horse” stance and also the “spark which is the essence of the hot blooded horse.”

  2. I think the head shape is coming from *Jedah, Letan’s dam. It is such a shame we do not have good photos of her.

  3. Elegance is actually, to my eye, a female version of *Muson. Head shape and all. Her disposition is a little hard to nail down because her dentition still causes her pain. That said, she has the most “desert like” personality of the 4 Davenports here. At least based on the books I’ve recently been reading about Bedouin arabian horses between the late 1800’s and the early to mid 1900’s.

  4. Thanks, Eduoard, I see this look in Enchante CF ‘s colt Encor….(xVorrtex) he has this look and certainly the phenotype and if he continues to develop inline as he has, a real beauty as well. He has the fire as well. Will send you pictures. Encor will be 6 months this week. Kathy Busch

  5. Indeed, Kathy, his photos are lovely, thanks for sending them. And so are Wisteria’s by the way. Good luck with getting her in foal.

  6. Jeanne, I think you’re right about Letan’s head shape coming from *Jedah. Just compare Letan’s profile in the photo above to the profile of *Jedah’s head in the photo showing her in profile with Akmet Haffez riding her (same or very similar wedge-shaped head with deep jowl).

  7. Is that the only photo of *Jedah we have?

  8. *Jedah also shows up in some picket line photos taken on the way out of the desert. And there is at least one other photo with Akmet Haffez riding her, the one where the Davenport party is meeting the Anazeh for the first time.

  9. I think you can see that wedge shaped head in the Kasar get: so obviously in the Asara line Krush family, and the Gamil family in the Davenports. We always knew that shape was coming from there, but until we got better prints of the Davenport 1906 photos, we did not realize that the shape was coming from *Jedah down through Letan.

  10. There is something special about these Hamdani of Ibn Ghurab. So prepotent generations after. That quote in the Abbas Pasha Manuscript: “he is the son of the Hamdani of Ibn Ghurab, which all Shammar used as a stallion.”

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