Ancient steles from Hail, Saudi Arabia

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 9th, 2011 in Arabia

While looking up ancient Arabian art over the Internet, I was struck by the expression of these two steles from a village near Hail, in Central Arabia. They were dated to the 4th millenium BC.  These were displayed for the first time outside Saudi Arabia at an exhibition in the Louvre in Paris, then in Barcelona. I think the exhibition will be coming to the USA at some point soon.


3 Responses to “Ancient steles from Hail, Saudi Arabia”

  1. Interesting, a little like the stele in Axum in Ethiopia. Some early Ethiopian temples etc are Yemeni influenced/built.

  2. Yes, indeed, and even the ancient name of Ethiopia, which is Abyssinia (in Arabic Habash) was given to it by an ancient Yemeni tribe, the Habashat, who settled there and spread their language.

  3. Modigliani!

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