Another Kuhalyat al-Mizher mare

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 20th, 2008 in Syria

The mention of Nomah, the pretty grey Kuhaylat al-Mizher from Syria, in an ealier entry leads me to show you another picture of a mare from the same strain. I do not recall the name of this fleebitten mare (it starts with S…), but I took the picture at the farm of Hisham Ghurayyib in Damascus some 15 years ago. Click on the picture to enlarge it (that’s how it works now).

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  1. Off topic but can’t find your email address Edouard. The 2009 AK convention will be here in Redmond, OR the last weekend in August. The planning committee would like very much to have you speak. rick

  2. Wow. Super, how exciting. Good to hear from you, by the way. My address is

  3. This could be my half Egyptian mare – the two look so alike – even with the bay foal at foot. I lost her at the age of 25 to cancer a few years ago. She had perfect feet – never needed trimming from one year to the next. All her offspring have been outstanding performance horses.

  4. based on Syrian stud book this owner has two mares from this strain, one is grey and the other is black, the grey one name is SAHOULEH.

    So I thing the above mare name is : SAHOULEH SYSB*290 Grey 1980

  5. yes that’s her, Mohammad, but can you please reference where you took the photo from, on your facebook site? It would be nice, and that’s the usual practice.

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