Another photo of Nimr Shabareq

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 15th, 2011 in General

There is a heated discussion going on (in French, though) in another thread about Arabian type(s) in general. A photo of the desert-bred Ma’naqi Sbayli stallion Nimr Shabareq (bred in Syria, now in France) started the debate. To grossly summarize, one side thinks the horse is basically off type (in other words, just an ugly looking Arabian), and the other thinks it’s representative of one of  many types of Arabians to be found in the Syrian/Arabian desert, yet a type Western eyes are no longer used to. The first photo shows the horse as a growthy two-year-old in racing condition. I am now posting a more recent photo of the same horse, taken last year, when he was three years old.

5 Responses to “Another photo of Nimr Shabareq”

  1. I wish I could breed horses like this, he is beautiful to my eye. A mans horse!!!

  2. I personally really like that horse. I too think he is ‘manly’ and proud, and, well built, with a strong shoulder and hindquarter, and good legs. The way his neck is set will improve over time, and will his overall look.

    I really dislike ‘cute’ and ‘feminine’ looking stallions. I even dislike ‘pretty’ looking stallions. And most stallions nowadays look like that.

  3. His face will fine down so to speak as his teeth grow out and he reaches 5 years of age. I agree about his hindend, his thighs are already longer than his gaskins, his stifles also are well clear of his abdomen, so he’ll have a nice scopey reach to his stride. He’ll bulk up more too as he gets older and develops more testosterone and covers his skeletal frame with muscle. Hard to say about his neck. It loooks like its set on slightly more than halfway up the shoulder. But with habitual body posture so frighteningly upright I doubt whether he’ll ever develop his trapezius(sp) enough so that it will look nicely arched. A shame too because he has a lot to offer in fixing the hindends of so many inbred asils here in the west.
    If I may add: He needs( desperately so) kind, knowledgeable handlers who will gain his trust and show him how much easier life is if he can just relax.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  4. Be interesting to know his DNA, just to see if common to other known DNA.

  5. I agree with Bruce.

    Capable classical riding would also help his neck, which looks so unusual to us westerners.

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