Another photo of the magnificent Dahman

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 30th, 2009 in Arabia, France, Syria

This is another photo of the magnificient Dahman (a Dahman x a Rabda). He is to France what *Haleb, who was bred about the same time, is to the USA. Dahman, a Rabdan by strain, is by the far the best desert horse horse ever imported to France, in my opinion. He was a herd stallion with the Shammar Bedouins of Mesopotamia, when French Inspecteur Quinchez, noticed him and bought him in 1909. This picture was taken in 1914, and is courtesy of Adrien Deblaise.

I wrote about Dahman earlier, here.

Dahman, a desert bred Rabdan stallion, by a Dahman, bred by the Shammar, herd stallion at the Shammar, imported to France in 1909

2 Responses to “Another photo of the magnificent Dahman

  1. This is a better photo than the first one, in some ways. That one distorted a bit by being shot from too low, and this one distors a bit by being shot from a bit too high, but between the two there is a good horse lurking! His neck and legs look better to me here, and his back better in the first one, but that glorious hip shows up strongly in both.

  2. Yes, Jeanne, I agree. One can imagine that he is very impressive indeed.

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