Anthesis CF

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 12th, 2012 in General

Anthesis CF (Plantagenet x Meringue by Sir Marchen), now 30, is one of the nicest asil mares of Davenport lines alive today, in my opinion. She has produced a string of very special horses including Firebolt by Clarion CF, Lexington CF by Regatta CF, Fragrance CF and Chancery CF by Regency CF, and others.

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  1. how wonderful to see this lovely photo of Anthesis who I knew since she was a weanling filly delivered to someone nearby me in Michigan. I helped her first owner work with her. Then I lost track of her but I always remarked that even from a youngster how she showed come similarities to some of the Moniet El Nefous bred horses. In some circles this would seem blasphemous but the truth is that from the beginning of my Arabian experience in 1970 I was always noticing points in common among various Arabians regardless of their ancestral origins. I was intrigued how an old 1942 RAS photo of Wanisa (as a filly) the dam of Moniet, was very much like Anthesis as a filly.

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