Anyone has a tail female Bint Kareema horse to pull an MtDNA sample?

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 6th, 2013 in General

There are a couple of hypotheses that could be tested. If anyone has a horse that is tail female Bint Kareema or knows someone who has one, please contact me:

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  1. Hello Edouard.
    My stud has Bint Kareema in his pedigree. She not his tail female, but I thought I write you anyways!
    Here’s the link to his pedigree on All Breed:


  2. Sorry Silke but I do not see Bint Kareema, I do see Bint Kateefa though??

  3. Edouard it is spelled at all breed as Bint Karima. Silke I will check your horses pedigree again, sorry

  4. Yes Monique as far as I know she is also spelled Bint Karima!

  5. It is spelled both ways depending on the source you look up. In the Inshass Stud Book (English translation) it is spelled Bint Kareema. In the EAO studbook Volume III it is spelled Bint Karima. Her sire is from Prince Kemal El Dine and sold to Inshass and her dam is Kareema [or Karima] bred at Kafr Ibrash Farm by Dahman x Obeya.

    An example of what Edouard is asking for would be: whoever in the U.S. owns the 2002 grey mare Ali Zaandria (AF Cassidy x Ali Kateefa) or either of her two sons, (or her 3 maternal half brothers) would have a horse who is tail female to Bint Kareema and it could be tested for Mitochondrial DNA for Edouard’s study. There are a couple of older mares in the U.S. also who are tail female to Bint Kareema, such as Ali Kateefa (1997), Lady Higran (1993), and Alah Reem (1995). If you know of any of these horses, please email Edouard above.

  6. I have just found out that Davide Iacomino has a mare who is tail female to Karima. He is in Italy I think, but he is on Facebook………..
    The mare is GREA Zamana

  7. Thanks Cathy!

  8. The mare Karima is listed as by a Dahman out of a Obeya…

    In this case this are not given names, only the strain Name of her parents.

    So it will be interesting to see if Karima Tailfemale line and Bint Shahbaa have the same or it is a different Obeya line.
    I belive this are not the same.

  9. Silke in your Horses Pedigree is given Bint Kateefa…a Kuhaylah Rodania…so she have nothing to do with Bint Karima far away from her,…My Godness how uneducated some People are…If you have a Horse…go and study the Pedigree as Homework before you wrote anything.

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