Arabian horse preservation 1,400 years ago

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 17th, 2015 in General

A verse from pre-islamic [Bedouin] Arabian poet Tufail b. ‘Awf al-Ghanawi (died ca. 610), know as Tufail al-Khail [Tufail of the horses] for the emphasis on horses in his poetry, from Abu Ubaida’s “Book of Horses” [translation mine]:

Horses the likes of wolves, so well-protected, for they are the pick of what’s left of [the bloodlines] of al-Ghurab and Mudh-hab

Al-Ghurab and Mudh-had are two famous steeds from these ancient times. Their offspring had become rare, at least within Tufail’s tribe, and they were treasured and well-guarded for that reason. 

One Response to “Arabian horse preservation 1,400 years ago”

  1. Treasured and we’ll guarded, the life and
    dreams of yet these moments. So many years into the futute, we who love these
    Horses who share our lives even now. Where once the great treasure was his horse. Today like before we who share our lives with these Bedouin horses know the friendships of listening to within. We are are more for the beings we live with.
    Yes, they were then and even now.

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