Asil Club article on Saudi Arabia horse trip

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 2nd, 2011 in Saudi

Karsten Scherling just sent the link to the article of Matthias Oster about the visit of the Asil Club delegation (and our own Rosemary Doyle!) to Saudi Arabia. Lots of pictures of desert horses, some of which Matthias has shared here before. Thank you Matthias for your generosity.

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  1. I have to say thank You, because most of my informations about Saudi horses is from this blog. Thank you Edouard and also Pure Man, and to all who share their insights in the fascinating history of the bedouin horse.

  2. I enjoyed the article but (and I am sorry) I am going to s hijack this thread…… there are a lot of pictures of horses coming out of the Middle East at the moment that are not nearly so pretty as Matthias’s, I am taliking about the starving horses in Egypt whose owners have no income following the recent ( and so otherwise welcome) events there. These may not be Asil but they are no less worthy of our concern for their suffering.
    Several charities … ESMA, the Brooke and the Princess Alia foundation are working to try to alleviate the situation until hopefully a stable democratic future dawns and the income will be restored to these poor horses’ owners.
    Edouard maybe you would be inclined to raise awareness of this pressing need for help via your blog, if you feel I am out of line, obviously you are in a position to delete my post and I appologise.

  3. PS It is, of course, the horses used to carry tourists at the pyramids that I am refering to, as currently the tourist industry is on its knees.

  4. I know that ESMA — Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals — makes it particularly easy to donate, as they take PayPal…

  5. We were privileged also to visit the stud of Prince Turki in the desert near Al Kharj, from where many of our foundation horses came. We visited in the summer of 2009, but were silent for some time due to a contract we had with another person, Prince Turki Bin Fahad Jalawi al Saud. We no longer have a contract, so we now publicize the information (and our special horses.)
    We got to see HALEEM and all those very special horses in person. They are truly wonderful…

    I also have some recent pictures of our young stock… although very young and in winter coats, the resemblance to their pure ancestors and the quality is there. Probably have to copy and paste the you tube links:

    descended only from Kingdom Peninsula imports … .

    Posted March 10.

    This one was posted today, March 31, 2011.

    Edie Booth

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