39 -Nedjme (Babolna)

39-Nedjme 1849, db (Arabia)

            30-Bagdady 1863 by Bagdady (Jarczowce) by Ben Bagdad (a.k.a. Bagdad) db 1836 (Arabia) out of Gazella db 1836 (Arabia)

                        153-Jussuf 1881 by Jussuf (see below)

                                    41-O’bajan 1892 by O’bajan, a desert bred Obayyan stallion from the Sbaa

                                                80-Koheilan II-11 1905 by Koheilan II (see below)

                                                            Donka 1910 by Shechan Schammar, a desert bred Kuhaylan Ajuz

                                                                        Sahiba 1924 by Nana Sahib who is by Selim Weil 1896 out of Smyrna db (Syria)

                                                                                    Amurath Sahib 1932 by Amurath II by Amurath 1881 Weil out of Fatme db 1899 

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  1. Nedjme was a grey foaled in 1849”aus dem Nedjid” and imported by Von Bruderman in 1857.she died in October 1871
    Dam of:
    -30 Bagdady 1865 by (Pielgrzym 1851)
    Dam of :
    -22 O’Bajan 1888 by (O”Bajan OA)
    Dam of:
    – Gazal 1898 by (Gazlan I 1881) sire line of Gazlan OA 1841 a Koheilan Tamri
    Sire of:
    – 10 Gazal 1910 by (Scherifa OA) a Koheilat el Scherif imported from Syria By M.F el Hadad in 1901/02
    Dam of:
    – 12 Siglavy –Bagdady 1919 by (Siglavi-Bagdady OA)
    Dam of :
    -Bulwa 1937 by(Kuheilan Zaid OA) Dam line of many champion horses exported to Sweden and USA Probat,Aloes,Algomej,…)all non-Asil horses
    -Koheilan I (1922) imported to Poland 1924
    According to Ursulla Guttman This line is Asil as she considers Pielgrzym 1851 Asil.

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