74 Tifle (Babolna)

74-Tifle 1810, db (Najd)

            8-Gidran, 1823, by Gidran db 1810 (Arabia)

                        57-Anaze, 1828, by Anaze db 1818 (Arabia)

                                    9-Dahaby, 1839, by Dahaby db 1826 (Arabia)

                                                28-Asslan, 1847, by Asslan db 1836 (Arabia)

                                                            104-Koreischan 1853 by Koreischan db 1837 (Arabia)

                                                                        113 Aghil Aga 1862 by Aghil Aga db 1851 (Arabia)

                                                                                    Jussuf 1869 by Mahmoud Mirza db 1851(South Arabia)

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  1. Both Tifle 1810 and Siglawy Gidran 1811 were purchased for Babolna in 1816 from Baron Von Fechtig in Trieste whither they had been shipped from the East.Mated togheter they gave the mare 8Gidran 1823 who mated with Anaze OA gave Anaze foaled in Babolna in 1826 or 1828.Anaze OA was a chesnut bred in 1819 by the Anazeh and bought in Constantinople in 1825 by a dealer called Danz.Anaze OA stood at Babolna until 1832.
    All the infos on Tifle and Nedjme are taken from Britta Fahlgren’s monumental book “The Arabian Horse Families of Poland”.

    I’m still amazed when reading the story of these horses and how they came to Babolna and to the West in general.It is a pity that Damoiseau’s book was not translated in English or reprinted in French;one must read it to understand the difficulties to travel in the Levant in the beginning of the 19th century looking for horses , Von Fechtig had one office in Damascus and one in Trieste!and what about dealers like Glioccho ,Danz or Arutin travelling both the Levant and Europe to buy and sell Arabian horses:fantastic !!
    Most of all imagine the fascination exerced by these horses on the Europeans!The Austro-Hungarian army sent twice the battleship “St Lucia” to transport the Von Bruderman’s horses from Beirut or Haifa to Trieste.

  2. I agree, Joe! What a book of stories could be done about these men!

  3. Kind of nice to see that horses actually travelled not only from Beirut but also from Haifa. That’s news to me….Can you give us more details about the St Lucia and its travels with the von Brudermann horses, Joe?

  4. I kknow that Haifa is not far away from your place.
    As the Austro-Hungarian bought their horses mainly from the south of Syria and Palestine, from Gaza and from Jenin especially from the Beni Sakher tribe.I supposed that they used Haifa to ship the horses, Von Bruderman arrived in October 1856 trough Beyrouth.
    Anyway may I remind you that Haifa and Safed,until 1918 were depending of the Ottoman Willayat of Beyrouth.
    AS for the St Lucia this is the only info I have.
    If you want I may post my English traduction of some of Michael el Hadadd book and how he bought famous horse like Siklawi Jidrani,Siklawi Bagdadi,Shechan Shammar ect..from Iraq and what was their height.I do have picture of him and his horses but unfortunately I cant post them.

    If you read German, there is one source about the Von Brudermann expedition:
    Eduard von Loffler:”Die Osterreichische Pferde-Ankauf-Mission unter dem K.K.OberstenRitter Rudolf von Brudermann,in Syrien,Palaestina und die Wuste,in die Jahren 1856 und 1857″ Troppau,1860

  5. It would be wonderful to read portions of Michael el Hadadd’s book in English. Whatever you post would be gratefully received. I do not read German but hope one day to get this book and have it translated by an equestrian friend who does.
    Yes, we are about 1/2 from Haifa and the same distance from Jenin, right across the road from ancient Megiddo.

  6. R.J., Jeanne and I have have made the plan of translating and editing F. Michael El Haddad’s book for a few years now.. A man named Tha’ir Salih made a really good Arabic translation of it (from the original Hungarian I believe).

  7. this is the book I have,it is translated from the original hungarian book,”Utazasom Mesopotamiaban es Irak-Arabianban”
    by Fadlallah el Hedad Mihaly
    Budapest 1904
    It is well translated ,in it el Hedad also speaks about his family,Beirut and the Maronites

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