*Al Hamdaniyah (Hamdaniyah)

Al Hamdaniyah of ibn Jiluwi gifted to Admiral Connelly

       Blue Star f. By Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

               Sulka By Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

               Starluje by Al Felluje (Ibn Fadl/Muhaira db)

                        Starecho by Munecho (Sirecho/Munifeh db)

               Fa Blue by Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

                        Zahra al Zarqah by Ibn Taamri (Taamri db/Rudann db)

               Fanistar f. By Fanifeh (Munifan db/Munifeh db)

                        El Hamdani Bey by Ibn Sirecho (Sirecho/Turfara)

                        Dalallah by Sheme (Ibn Sirecho/Sifana)

                        Sifana f. By Sirecho (Nasr/Exochorda)

                                    Bint Sifana f. By Ibn Sirecho (Sirecho/Turfara)

                                    Samoohah f. By Ibn Sirecho (Sirecho/Turfara)

Princeton Jalil by El Hamdani Bey (Ibn Sirecho/Fanistar)

                                    Sheme c. By Ibn Sirecho (Sirecho/Turfara)

                                    Abay Hami By Ibn Sirecho (Sirecho/Turfara)

       Al Khobar c. By Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

       Bint Sirecho f. by Sirecho (Nasr/Exochorda)

             El Hamdan c. By Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

             El Echo c. By Obayyan (Ibn Fadl/Al Obayya db)

              Tahncred c. by Taam Rud (Taamri db/ Rudann db)


2 Responses to “*Al Hamdaniyah (Hamdaniyah)”

  1. Alhamdani alhamdaniyah hamdani known horse was owned by the family of ibn Gayam, of the tribe Almtier .Ibn Gayam gift horse “manak” to the King Abdulaziz ibn Gayam .And
    A Prince Saud gift horse to King George in 1937.

  2. yes this is well known in the west. Mrs. Danah Al Khalifah of Bahrain also had Hamdanniah of Ibn Gaya, her name was Sitah.

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