*Munifeh (Kuhayla)

Munifeh, DB imported by George O’Brien from Ibn Saud strain: Kehila
            Fanifeh by Munifan DB
            Munecho by Sirecho (Nasr/Exochorda)

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  1. Aside from the above mentioned Fanifeh and Munecho, *Munifeh also had two other asil produce that bred within asil lines: Sonecho, chestnut stallion by Sirecho; and Atalanta, grey mare by Sirecho. When I visited the Otts in 1977, Sonecho was deceased but his get were there, and Atalanta was there as well as her daughters, Solanta by Sonecho (double *Munifeh) and Feylanta, by Fanifeh (also double *Munifeh). When I think back about my visits to the Otts and my later time in the Middle East it is with great lament that the unique BLUE STARS at the Otts were under-appreciated at the time because there were many classic examples of good, true Bedouin types. Fortunately I took movies and later used to watch them over and over to revisit my impressions of some great visits.

  2. Hello Joe are any pictures of the horses that you can send out of the above mention? would live to see them. please if you can either post them or mail me.

    Abu Uwais Al-Mahgribi

  3. Hi Joe.

    I have a half a handful of Munifeh horses and I would also love to see any photos or video that’s available.


  4. Unfortunately my movie films are packed in storage right now. As soon as I can get some extra funds together I will begin digitizing the bulk of the super 8 mm movies we filmed from 1972-1982. While I never saw *Munifeh, I saw her son Munecho. He was a rather stylish chestnut, not showing much of the Sirecho look, but more of his own type, a little longer and leaner. His sister, Atalanta was more like the Sirecho daughters at the Otts farm.

  5. So Joe Ferris! Did you ever unpack those videos?

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