*Nufoud (K. Ajuz)

Nufoud DB Kehila Ajuz 25
        Sunshine by DB
        Katun by Alcazar (Nedjran Jr./Rhua by Haleb DB)
        Kaluga by Alcazar (Nedjran Jr./Rhua by Haleb DB)
                    Tarrla by Tarff (Fadl/Turfa) 61
                                  LD Rubic by Plantagenet (Akmet Haffez/Iras) 82
                                                  Salil Ibn Iliad by Iliad (Ibn Alamein/Oriole) 91 
                                                  Belladona CHF by Audubon 87
                                                                 Jadah Necessity by Lifes Capade 97 
                                                                 Jadah Belle of the Ball by Invictus 02
                                                  MSF Rubie by EA Salute 88
                                                  Bint Rubic by EA Salute 93
                                                  MSF Shamis by Kahream

4 Responses to “*Nufoud (K. Ajuz)”

  1. Hi Lesley, I am afraid your comment got lost in cyberspace, and only the title of your message came through. Would you mind posting it again?

  2. Hi Edouard, Your dates are incorrect for MSF Rubie (1993) and Bint Rubic CHF (1988) (EA Salute (Brimstone x Xanthippe) x LD Rubic).

    Salil Ibn Iliad 1991 bs stands at JaPaa Arabians in Myrtle Beach, SC, with Pam Baker for live cover at low fees. Salil has been producing AK foals from a variety of AK mares, and we hope to freeze semen for future generations. There are 2 AK BLEND stallion colts available for sale, as well as several AK BLEND fillies, one is a black available for sale through Pam Baker who needs to sell a few due to a job change.

    MSF Rubie 1993 cm was bred to Ibn Serr Echo (Serr Echo x Masada Bellesabah) producing 1997 black grey colt, MSF Serr Echo(unreg.) who was gelded & sold as a riding horse. MSF Rubie is believed to be a rare “XXY” chromosome mare. She never was able to get pregnant again & is with Pam Baker(for sale) as a riding/lesson mare.

    MSF Shamis (Kahream (Moss Hill Karim x Sierra Sady) 1994 cm was bred to MSF Sheikh Habib producing 1998 registered roan stallion, AEP Kamar. Kamar stands at stud with Pat & Monica Respet in NE PA producing “AK Blend” Arabians. MSF Shamis’ owner lives 10 miles from me & has never pursued breeding her that I am aware of after having AEP Kamar in 1998. She is used as a trail riding horse for his family.

    Bint Rubic CHF (EA Salute (Brimstone x Xanthippe) x LD Rubic) 1988 cm was sold to Lisa & Marlin Eckenrode who bred her to Kahream producing the black stallion, SC Bahiim in 1993. The Eckenrodes never completed the terms of the sale of Bint Rubic CHF so the papers for SC Bahiim and Bint Rubic CHF were separated between the parties and now both are lost to AK. SC Bahiim went on to produce non registered Half Arabians, as well as Bint Rubic CHF. Evedntually SC Bahiim was sold & gelded. One of his Half Arabian sons is a Champion Games horse in our local area owned by a Professor at Shippensburg University.

    Right now, Nancy & Bob Bliss(KY) & Randall & Mary Sue Harris (IL) have reproductively sound daughters & grand daughters of LD Rubic to carry on the line of tf *NUFOUD.
    Pam’s email in SC regarding Salil Ibn Iliad or sons & daughters for sale 4/2010: japaa@netscape.com

    There is the
    http://www.rareakstrain.com website which also lists the rarer strain families, such as tf *NUFOUD.
    Lesley Detweiler PA

  3. Thanks for your message Lesley. It’s really good and reassuring to know that you are holding to these lines. Too bad most of the offspring are colts, but again it’s great that at least two are currently used as stallions. I will contact Pam Baker about Salil Ibn Iliad. I am very interested in this horse. Best to you, Edouard

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