Rodania (K. Rodan)

Rodania DB Kuhayla Rodania

            Rose of Jericho by Kars DB

                        Rose Diamond by Azrek DB

                                    Abu Zeyd by Mesaoud (Aziz/Yemameh)

                                    Rose of Hind by  Rejeb (Mesaoud/Rosemary)

                                                Razaz by Astraled (Mesaoud/Queen of Sheba DB)

            Rose of Sharon by Hadban DB

                        Rodan by Harb (Mesaoud/Bint Helwa)

                        Ridaa by Merzuk (Wazir /K.Jellabieh)

                                    Risala by Mesaoud (Aziz/Yemameh)

                                                Rissla by Berk (Seyal/Bukra)

                                                Rythma by Berk (Seyal/Bukra)

                                                Rasim by Feysul

                                                Bint Rissala by Ibn Yashmak (Feysul/Yashmak)

                                                            Yashmak by Sheykh el Arab (Mansour/Bint Sabah)

                                                                         Rashad Ibn Nazeer By Nazeer

                                    Rustem by Astraled (Mesaoud/Queen of Sheba DB)                                                                  Rim by Astraled (Mesaoud/Queen of Sheba DB)

                                                Rifla by Rasim (Feysul/Risala)

                                                            Rifnas by Nasik (Rijm/Narguileh)

                                                            Shemseh by Nasik (Rijm/Narguileh)

                                                            Kadah by Nasik (Rijm/Narguileh)

                                                Raseem by Rasim(Feysul/Risala)               

                                    Riyala by Astraled (Mesaoud/Queen of Sheba DB)

                                                Bint Riyala by Nadir (Astraled/Nefisa)

                                                            Bint Bint Riyala by Gamil Manial (Saklawi

                                                                        Malaka by Kheir (Ibn Samhan/Badaouia

                                                                                    Nazeera by Nazeer (see Bint Riyala) 

                                                Razina by Rasim(Feysul/Risala)               

                                                            Radi by Rishan

                                                            Riffal by Naufal (Sottam/Narguileh)

                        Rijm by Mahruss

            Rosemary by Jeroboam (Pharaoh DB/Jerboa DB) or Proximo DB

                        Rejeb by Mesaoud (Aziz/Yemameh)

                        Rabla by Mesaoud (Aziz/Yemameh)

                                    Rangha by Berk (Seyal/Bukra)

                                                Rahab by Sainfoin (Rasim/Safarjal)

                                                            Ruth II by Bendigo (Atesh DB/Belka by Rijm)

                                                                        Rosina 1950 by Saoud (Nimr DB/Safarjal)

                                                Rheoboam by Sainfoin (Rasim/Safarjal)

                                    Rokhama by Astraled (Mesaoud/Queen of Sheba DB)

                                                Rokhsa by Nasik (Rijm/Narguileh)

                                                            Roshana by Berk (Seyal/Bukra)

                                                                        Rayim by Abu Zeyd

                        Redif by Daoud (Mesaoud/Rosemary)             


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  1. Bonjour
    Quels sont les étalons course ayant pour souche Rodiana?

  2. les deux freres Serenity Mamlouk et Serenity Ibn Khofo aux USA. Le second est invaincu.

  3. I just happened to see your Rodania list Edouard and it reminds me of how world wide influential she became in Arabian horse breeding. One of the Crabbet stallions from her line, Rustem (Astraled x Ridaa) is really more influential than many people realize. Because he was used both in England and Egypt (prior to RAS control over all studs) it is a challenge to document all known get of Rustem but I did this years ago by analyzing stud book records and private correspondence and photos of identified get. Rustem actually produced a total of 34 get (not 25).

    His first 13 get were bred in England and then he went to Egypt for the remainder of his life. Among the first 13, his son Rustnar stands out as a heavily used sire in Argentina and his daughter Ferda became very influential in the US. largely through her double Rustem son Ferseyn.

    Among Rustem’s Egyptian get, 4 have bred on and are in the following list with plus marks (+) next to their names. (Rasala+ is found only in combination with the Skowronek son Registan). In the following list BLT stands for Blunt, RAS for Royal Agricultural Society Egypt and KED for Prince Kemal El Dine in Egypt who owned Rustem there.

    Bred in England:
    Rustnar 1912 bay stallion out of Narghileh (BLT)
    *Ferda 1913 bay mare out of Feluka (BLT)
    Kamar 1913 chestnut stallion out of Kantara (BLT)
    Najib 1914 brown stallion out of Narghileh (BLT)
    Karun 1915 chestnut stallion out of Kantara (BLT)
    *Simawa 1915 bay mare out of Sarama (BLT)
    Arusa 1915 bay mare out of Abla (BLT)
    Silfa 1915 bay mare out of Selima (BLT)
    Rayya 1915 brown mare out of Riada (BLT)
    Fursan 1916 bay stallion out of Feluka (BLT)
    Mansour 1918 bay stallion out of Malaka (BLT)
    Rafina 1919 chestnut mare out of Risala (BLT)
    Merouan 1921 chestnut stallion out of Malaka (BLT)

    Bred in Egypt:
    Ibn Rustem 1922 grey stallion out of Bint Gamila (RAS)
    Bint Nafa El Saghira 1922 grey mare out of Nafa El Saghira (RAS)
    Bint Rustem+ 1922 brown mare out of Bint Hadba El Saghira (RAS)
    no name 1923 bay stallion out of “Nizma” (KED)
    no name 1924 grey stallion out of “Rizkia” (KED)
    Rasala+ 1927 bay mare out of Serra 1915 (KED)
    no name 1927 stallion out of “Rizkia” (KED)
    Ibn Bint Dalal 1928 chestnut stallion out of Bint Dalal (KED)
    Rasmeia 1929 bay mare out of Bint Rabdan (RAS)
    El Dahma 1929 brown mare out of Bint Obeya (RAS)
    no name 1929 grey mare out of Serra (KED)
    no name 1929 bay stallion out of Feyda (KED)
    no name 1930 grey mare out of “Hosni Higazia” (KED)
    no name 1930 stallion out of Bint Dalal (KED)
    no name 1930 chestnut mare x a daughter of Serra (KED)
    no name 1930 brown mare x a daughter of Serra (KED)
    no name 1931 stallion out of Feyda (KED)
    no name 1931 chestnut stallion x a daughter of Serra (KED)
    Mekdam+ 1932 bay stallion out of Bint Bint Dalal (KED)
    *Metsur 1932 chestnut stallion out of *Bint Serra I (KED)
    Zareif+ c. 1930s grey stallion out of Serra (KED)

    The two stallions you mention above, Serenity Mamlouk and Serenity IbnKhofo both have multiple crosses to Rustem.

  4. Rodania the Queen Mother of Arabian horses.

    Why I give her this title?

    Well the answer is simple:

    Without a doubt, no other mare founded in the different Arabian breeding programs Dam lines such as in Crabbet, Straight Egyptian, CMK, Pure Polish, Straight Spanish and Straight Russian, like she does.

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