*Samirah (H. Simriyah)

 Samirah DB Hamdania Semri SAUD
                      Khorasan by Alcazar (Nedjran Jr./Rhua by Haleb db)
                      Koweyt by Alcazar (Nedjran Jr./Rhua by Haleb db)
                                    Konight by Kaniht (Katar/Niht)
                                                      Ameera Moda by Fa-Turf (Fadl/Turfa)
                                                                           SHA Bint Ameera 
                     Kerasun by Sunshine db
                                    Karamia by Kulun (Katun x Mershid )
                                                      ASF Kera by Julyan

                                                                       ASF Bithia by Dhahran 

                                                                                             ASF Gerasa by ASF David    

7 Responses to “*Samirah (H. Simriyah)”

  1. I have some wonderful pictures of this mare…. if it is the mare that John Rogers got hold of…. Unfortunately she was lost with respect to our own breeding program… Do I read the print correctly that the succeeding listings are her get and grandget?

    Elizabeth sent me over here. Good idea!

  2. Hi Edie, welcome to this blog. Good to have you here, and looking forward to your active participation!

  3. This is the Harris mare, not the Rogers mare, but all photos and information are desired! The Rogers desert bred horses were real losses to the purist movement.

  4. Who is the Rogers’ *Samirah? and who are the Rogers?

  5. American Arabian breeder John Rogers, who is most remembered for his famous Crabbet stallion *Serafix, imported several desert bred mares from Saudi Arabia. Among them was *Subaiha nd her daughter *Taffel both of the Hamdaniya strain, and both bred by Amir Sa’ud Ibn Abdallah Ibn Jiluwi. I remember once seeing in an ad somewhere in an old Arabian Horse World magazine a picture of Subaiha. What a lovely mare, heavily fleabitten and of the type similar to *Al Hamdaniah imported by Connolly. Perhaps Subaiha is the mare Edie is referring to because it is from Ibn Jiluwi? Suhaiha and her daughter Taffel were accepted by Al Khamsa in 1987, in the proposal by Carol Schulz. See Khamsat Vol. 6, No. 3.

  6. I was only remotely aware of these two. Do they have eligible descendents here in the USA?

  7. Unfortunately, John Rogers disagreed strongly with the purist movement, and refused to allow his desert bred mares (imported in 1950) to be covered by any stallion that would be approved of by the Otts.

    The mares were *Subaiha and *Taffel, as Joe reported, plus *Thorayyah, bred by Shaikh Khalifah Bin Mohamed Al Khalifah of Bahrain, plus *Bakhaitah and her daughter *Muneera, both bred by the Banu Khalid.

    Charles saw some of these in the early 50s in California, remembering especially *Subaiha and *Thorayyah. He says he thought that *Subaiha was really wonderful. All of the mares were discounted by the show community, but their foals by the Rogers stallions did very well in that crowd.

    I’m hunting up some photos of these mares to send you for posting as you wish.

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