*Turfa (Kuhaylah)

Turfa, strain Obeyyan el-Hamra

    Fa-Turf c. by Fadl (Ibn Rabdan/Mahroussa)

    Ibn Fadl c. by Fadl (Ibn Rabdan/Mahroussa)

     Turfada f. by Fadl (Ibn Rabdan/Mahroussa)

    Turfara f. by Fadl (Ibn Rabdan/Mahroussa)

             Ibn Sirecho c By Sirecho (Nasr/Exorchoda)

             Dhahran by By Sirecho (Nasr/Exorchoda)

             Esperanzo Asal Fanifara by Fanifeh (Munifan/Munifeh)

             Sirturf By Sirecho (Nasr/Exorchoda)

            Bint Turfara f. By Sirecho (Nasr/Exorchoda)

                     Farakaa by Sulka (Ibn Fadl/Blue Star)

                     ASF Gersom by Dhahran (Sirecho/Turfara)    

                     Turfaira by Ibn Muhaira (Ibn Fadl/Muhaira db)

                     Amwah by Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

                             Amma by Ibn Muhaira (Ibn Fadl/Muhaira db)

                     Dualah by Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

                             Fadlalah by Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

                             RC Hattairan by Hattaira (Hattu/Fara Fadl)

                     El Iat by Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

                    Bint Bint Turfara f. By Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

                             Hattu by Muhairon (Sirecho/Muhaira db)

                    Fara Fadl f. By Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

                             Hattaira by Hattu (Muhairon/Bint Bint Turfara)

                             Bint Fara Fadl by Muhairon (Sirecho/Muhaira DB)

                    Fa Dlara f. By Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

                             Al Muhandis by Famaje (Ibn Fadl/ Al Asmaje)

                          Hilweh f. By Al Felluje (Ibn Fadl/Muhaira db)

                             Zarif Katun by Ibn Hafiza (Sameh/Hafiza)

                             Halan Laili by Ibn Hafiza (Sameh/Hafiza)

                   Al Fellujah f. By Al Felluje (Ibn Fadl/Muhaira db)

                          El Danjah c. By El Hamdan (Ibn Fadl/Bint Sirecho)

                          Al Hamma f. By El Hamdan (Ibn Fadl/Bint Sirecho)

                                  MAF Tarfamma f. By Tarff (Fadl/Turfa db)

             Al Asmar f. By Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

                    Dihubeh by Munecho (Sirecho/Munifeh db)

                    Bint Al Asmar by Sirecho (Nasr/Exorchoda)

                                      Turecho by Munecho (Sirecho/Munifeh db)

                                      Maarecho by Ibn Sirecho (Sirecho/Turfara)

                                                    MD Bint Maarecho by El Iat (Ibn Fadl/Bint Turfara)

                     Al Asmaje f. By Al Felluje (Ibn Fadl/Muhaira db)

                                     Famaje c. By Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

                                Ibn Fadl’s Finale by Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

                                        LE Encore by Ibn Sirecho (Sirecho/Turfara)

    Bint Turfa f. by Fadl (Ibn Rabdan/Mahroussa)

    Tarff c. by Fadl (Ibn Rabdan/Mahroussa)



18 Responses to “*Turfa (Kuhaylah)”

  1. I am new to the desert arabian horse world. I have a young stallion with an interesting pegigree. His name is Turfas Marine # 0646418. I am under the impression that he should remain a stallion. Just wondered if anyone out there could give me more insight into just how rare his bloodlines are (if at all). He’s also on allbreedpedigree.com. Thank you.

  2. Your horse belongs to increasingly rare group of desert arabian horses known as the Babson-Turfas-Sirechos. Wthin that group he is even more rare in the sense of tracing to Turfa in the tail female. She was exceptional mare, and one of the best to come out of the desert to this country. Please don’t geld him, and if you can afford to keep a stallion, please try to use him to breed other mares of the same group. There is an upcoming article on this blog about this group of horses. Can you send me a photo? ealdahdah@hotmail.com

  3. I have a mare out of MD Ansar Nejem and Hallany Rufah. The with a fourth generation lineage to Ibn fadl, Bint Turfara, Ibn Hafiza, Ansata Abbas Pasha, Bint Sur, Ru Fa Negma, Muhaira, and Zarif Katun. What do you think of her? She is smal and elegant. I wish to breed her at some point. Can you suggest direction in a Sire?
    Thank you, Wendy Clark

  4. I forgot to give you my horses name and registration #. Her name is Hallany Ansar and her Arabian International Registry number is 2000-1000.
    Thanks again,
    Wendy Clark

  5. I can find her in Datasource. I found her sire but not her dam. Is she registered? It also depends on where you live. In any case, the stallion Ibn El Iat is a good knick with these lines.

  6. Edouard,

    AIR (Arabian International Registry), formerly IAHRONA, was created in 1967 as an alternative to what is now AHA. Its website (www.air-ne.com) appears to be down, and I see hints on the web that it ceased operation in 2002.

  7. Thank you for the quick response! That is somewhat disappointing. I had hoped that her lines would be important. I do not have to breed her but would if it woul contribute to some rare or important lines. Do you know if she can be registeted by AHA? Thanks for the suggestions, very appreciated. Weny

  8. I live in Maine. I spoke with AHA today and they reported that the Int’l Arab Reg. merged with AHA. I will be transferring the reg. to my name within the month. Wendy

  9. Eduoard,
    My horse’s dam (Hallany Rufah) is registration number 1991-0013 AIR (not that it will do any good if they are defunct). Her dam and sire were Zana Pasha and Rufah. Ansata Abbas Pasha is in her dam’s fourth generation. I have done some research on Al Khamsa site. She has ancestral elements fro the Sa’ud, Egypt I, Europa-Weil (?Abas Pasha), and Jalawi (Sa’ud origins?). She has Famaje and Muhaira on her Sire’s side and I believe both have Hamdani and Mahraa lineage (on Al Khamsa’s orange scarcity presevation list). If I could send you a copy of her pedigree (maybe by email), could you possibly tell me if she is worth breeding and which ancestry you would like to see carried on? IF I AM ASKING TOO MUCH JUST LET ME KNOW and I will try to find help elsewhere. I have tried to locate any contact info for Elta Cook in Illinois. I can find that she is on the board of directors at a university there but no contact info. I did look at the pics of Ibn El Iat on this site and he is lovely. I thank you so much, Wendy

  10. Hi Wendy, no you are not asking too much. Just send me her pedigree at ealdahdah@hotmail.com and I will get back to you.

  11. E, Awesome thankyou! I was thinking of trying to find a stallion that has the Hamdan and Mahraa lineage. I guess that is something to look at when you see her pedigree. I guess she has some Turfa and Babson lineage which may not be as good (? non straight egyption blood somewhere, I read). Any thoughts and suggestions will be helpful though. W

  12. Eduoard,
    I have just sent the email with the pedigre/registration paper. Thank you again,

  13. E, Lily (Hallany Ansar) is not currently registered, as the previous owner never transferred the registration to her own name. I have asked her to do that and I will then transfer her to my name. I am not sure if the dam is registered but she must have been to register Lily, I would assume? W

  14. If anyone knows of a horse named Hallany Rufah or owns her can you please contact me? I wish to register my mare (her foal) and I need to know if she is registered AHR and if not would you want her to be if I paid for registration and DNA. She was dispersed in Barbara Rausch’s herd after her death (ohio).

  15. I have discovered that her dam was never registered or dna’d neither was the dam’s dam. I guess she is a lost mare and quite a shame. Thanks for your help.

  16. Wendy, I googled MD Ansar Nejem as I do randomly and got brought over to this post but my gelding’s sire is MD Ansar Nejem and his dam was Starflight he too was part of Barbara Rausch’s herd! Crazy small world. I love my gelding’s disposition and attitude so much and haven’t been able to find much out about him but I know he too has Babson lines, he is registered HA as he has Throughbred in his lines on his dam’s side. I would love to see pics of your horse.

  17. Hi everybody, my name is Conny and I live in Germany. I have a beautiful Turfa-bred mare for sale!!! She is fleabitten grey, 8 years old, her height is 154cm and you can see her full pedigree at http://www.allbreedpedigree.com, her name is Cherifa Al Ariba. If you have interest and like to see pics or have questions, please don´t hesitate to contact me. Kind regards Conny

  18. To complete my posting from June 14th 2012 11:54 am. Here are my email-addy : Afas-Arabians@freenet.de

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