Asil Kuhaylah J’aithiniyah from the Tahawis in Egypt

By Yasser Ghanem

Posted on September 28th, 2011 in Egypt

I am very proud to share with you some photos of the remaining asil horses of the Tahawi clan in Egypt. These horses are the very last remaining asil descendants of the large breeding program of the Tahawis, based exclusively on desert-bred Arabians imported from the tribes of Sba’ah, Ruwalah, Fad’aan, Hssinah and Shammar between the 1880s and the 1940s.

This one is a Kuhaylah J’aithiniyah, a grand-daughter of the mare Bombolla (Rock x Masquerade by Ibn Bakhshish), of Sheykh Soliman ‘Abd al-Hamid Eliwa al-Tahawy, and tracing to the desert-bred mare “J’aithiniyah al-Kabira”, brought by the Tahawis from the ‘Anazah in the 1920s. I, Yasser, am the proud owner of this mare.

She is one of the handful mares that has been recognized as “horses of interest” by Al Khamsa at their last annual convention.


6 Responses to “Asil Kuhaylah J’aithiniyah from the Tahawis in Egypt”

  1. Greetings, Yasser!

    She is a lovely mare. I like the way her fine hair coat allows her skin to show in a pearl-like way. I also like her mitbah and shoulder angles. Truly a pearl!

  2. Wow!
    I second Jeanne’s comment on her coat. To me, her head is about perfect. Big eyes with a lovely expression, broad forehead, prominent eye cages, pleasing proportions…
    Not to mention her other excellent features. She is simply stunning.

  3. A wonderfully balanced and powerful looking mare. I REALLY like her, and look forward to seeing pictures of the others as well.Thanks for sharing her pictures with us.

  4. I am very delighted to see your reaction. It is indeed a wonderful mare and the last among this strain with us. Her grand dam Bombolla (1956) was a great mare and had an excellent pedigree.

  5. Yasser just told me that there are actually less than 20 mares. There 10 for now, 4 that were sold and are still being looked for, and 2 more in Germany. Plus one stallion. Some of them have EAO blood from a stallion of the Tahawi Hamdan lines 3 or 4 generations ago.

  6. Please post more photos when you get a chance. These are excellent horses, and it is a joy to see them.

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