Baba Sa’d, Kuhaylan Sa’dan Tuqan, founder of the Turkish Arabian horse program

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 19th, 2012 in General, Turkey

Teymur sent this picture of the other foundation sire of the Turkish Arabian breeding program, the 1928 bay stallion Sa’d (Kuheylan Cietni x Kuheyletul Sade Tukan), also known as Baba Saad, a Kuhaylan Sa’dan al-Tuqan, by a Kuhaylan Ju’aytni. He was Turkey’s most famous racehorse.

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  1. Boy, what a horse! As far as I can tell there’s nothing to criticize- only to praise. Great bone- tremendous depth in the hind end, front legs slightly bucked at the knees, these are all good things. Whoever has been riding him has uneducated hands for his neck shows signs of bracing. But most all horses at the track are going to be like that. And he has got type too.
    Teymur he is something to be proud of!
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  2. This Stallion, who holds the record over 1600 m in 1’50” was purchased in 1933, at one time belonged to one of Baghdad’s wealthiest men “FEHED BIN KIREC” who turned down an offer of £10,000 Turkish lire for him.
    This horse apparently won many races in Iraq and India, was hold all his appointments, and was always riding without a whip and spurs, but he was ambitious, he ran over any competitor and he snapped at his opponents on the battlefield, but after injury ended his career he was sold as a carriage horse, fortunately to be found by Nurettin Aral and Ihsan Akhun, General Director of the Veterinary Ministry, who purchased him for 850 francs.

    Baba Sa’d/Veliaht was a top sire of race horses, and probably kept by each Turkish expert for the most famous Major-Sire in the “Pure-Turkish” Arabian Racehorse breeding program.

    It’s a pitty that Baba S’ad and his Son’s were known for their difficult character, which they passed on to their offspring’s.

    However, his descendant’s are the best race horse’s that ever ran on Turkish race tracks, also known for extremly harmonious conformation in particular.

    As our horse breeding sector owed Baba Sa’d a lot, it showed the value given to this horse by building a memorial grave for him togehter with Baba Kurus.

  3. And that’s Kafkasli in direct male succession of Baba Saad is one of the best most successful racehorses in Turkey.

    amazing picture collection on the Turkish group on facebook, how come we know so little about these horses

    They must be the largest group of asil Arabians left and have been racing since they came out of the desert

  5. Hello Patrick…yes that’s my Group…thanky for sharing…
    I think People in Europe was not reconized them, because they only look on the Polish and Egyptian’s and than Russian and Spanish Bloodline’s.
    Yes the Pure Turkish are mostly Asil…unfortunately since the late 90s the Statestud’s imported Non Asil Arabians and covered them with the Asil Populations…called Silver Cross…But the old Asil lines are more preferred by private breeders and buyers.
    In all the years the journal has brought Arabs no report on the breeding of Arabian horses in Turkey.
    The Asil Club has never taken notice of these horses.
    A shame.

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