Bagdad, 1935 stallion in France

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on November 7th, 2013 in France

Not sure to think of this one: Bagdad, 1935 stallion (Norniz x Bagdalyne by Danbik); he precedes the generalized (and still much uncovered) cross-breeding of Arabians with Anglo-Arabians that plagued France from the 1950s onwards, yet he does not look like your classical Arabian. He does not look like an Anglo-Arabian either; he looks like an Arabian of the racing type.

But compare with the picture just below, which is that of an Anglo-Arab with 25% of Arab blood.

Bagdad, bought by the French government from private breeders for 40,000 francs in 1938

Val d’Or III “pur-sang anglo-arabe” 25%,


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  1. interesting photos to compare. To do this with one photo for each horse is of course very subjective but my first reaction to Bagdad was how much he looks like a similar view of Astraled 1900 bay stallon (Mesaoud x Queen of Sheba). Bagdad’s eye structure and skull shape seem quite reminiscent of Astraled. Note the head on Val d’Or III, has a very different eye structure and location, mouth opening location and nose structure. Note also the apparent more curvy and full rib cage behind the shoulders of Bagdad versus that of Val d’Or III. Tail root of Bagdad is also higher, although I do not always tend to discount a low set tail root in asil horses as suspicious. Such a structure, however unappealing, is not definitive especially in photos. I have seen asil horses with a very seemingly low tail-set and round or dropping croup, change dramatically when in movement and showing good tail carriage. Lady Anne Blunt talks about this characteristic in the Ali Pasha Sherif stallion Sahab 1903.

  2. Here you can see: Asil Arabian Racehohres of Turkey statestud Sultansuyu to compare with the French and Tunisian.

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