Bahraini Obayyan stallion in Germany

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 11th, 2017 in Bahrain

Obeyaan Mirage the Bahraini Ubayyan stallion which the Royal stables of Bahrain have gifted to Warren and Regina Staas arrived today at their farm. He is very handsome, and comes from old lines.

This is the fourth Bahraini stallion to come to Europe in the last five years, after the Kuhaylan Ibn Aafess stallion “Kuheilaan Afass Maidaan” that was gifted to the Government of Poland, and the Mulawilishan stallions “Mlolshaan Mahrous” and the Tuwayssan stallion “Tuwaisaan Tha’atha’a” that were presented to HM the Queen of England.

3 Responses to “Bahraini Obayyan stallion in Germany”

  1. Such a handsome stallion. Very glad for Regina and Warren. Looking forward to his future on their hands.

  2. Very good looking boy! Amazingly looking like my former and beloved asil stallion Desert Wind CH. I hope a lot of European breeders will take a chance to use this boy from Bahrain. <3

  3. I hope so, too. Very nice guy!

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