Beautiful Jadiba

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 22nd, 2015 in General

I am digging into older pictures of Jadiba and reminiscing about how grand a broodmare she is. Too bad I came across her in her later days and that she only produced one foal.

Jadiba 2011

jadiba 2011

By the way, there is something special and attractive about the shape, thickness and setting of the tail in these horses of predominantly Blunt bloodlines. The thickness of the muscle around the tail was a feature the Bedouins of Arabian held in high esteem in their horses. See close up below.

IMG_3148 - Copy

IMG_3162 - Copy

2 Responses to “Beautiful Jadiba”

  1. How tall was Jadiba? She has the “Ghadaf” rear end.

    When we went to pick up Tipperary at the McNulty’s in the early 90s, I think I remember seeing her Dam, Jabinta, in very old age. She had a really stunning head and I kept looking at it because it was so different and so beautiful. It was either Jabinta or another mare they had at the time that was a Doyle/Davenport cross.

  2. She is 15 hands (still alive by the way).

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