Beautiful Reema CF

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 12th, 2016 in General

Debbie Mackie’s Reema CF (Trilogy x Fragrance by Regency) was the prettiest mare I saw in my trip to Illinois over last weekend. She is so refined and yet so well built and balanced.




4 Responses to “Beautiful Reema CF”

  1. You just made Debbie’s year!

  2. A mating with Pulcher?

  3. With Clarion, I believe, if that’s still the plan.

  4. Lovely mare. I have not been on here for ages but nothing’s changed, picture after picture of beautiful, functional Arabian horses. 🙂
    Due to having suffered the tragic loss of a dear and beautiful filly last year Harry and I are, again, after much grieving, looking for a filly to allow his beloved mare Sealy to ease into semiretirement over the next few years. We are trawling the Crabbet studs here to look for a filly foal or yearling (yes I know Skowronek is a red line for you all and I respect that, but I accept him as the flaw in Crabbet diamond without being under any illusions) however I would be very interested in an Asil horse, especially a Davenport (I just love, love, love those Craver horses!) so if anyone has any suggestions of possibilities here in Britain or the near continent please let me know.. experienced, loving, ridden home for life (come what may!) awaits, with the intention to breed after a ridden career.

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