“Belle” in foal to Wadd for 2016

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 6th, 2015 in General

Belle 2015

“Belle”, a.k.a. Jadah BelloftheBall (Invictus Al Krush x Belladonna CHF) was confirmed in foal to my Wadd Al Arab (Triermain CF x Wisteria CF) two days ago. It’s just great to have a home-bred stallion at hand to breed to.

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  1. I am SO EXCITED to see this offspring. This is the first pregnancy for Belle who is now 13yo. So glad Wadd found his way and Belle, being a maiden, was ok with maybe some of his earlier attempts, to try once again

  2. Great news!

  3. Good for both of them! May they both be off to a great start.

  4. This is wonderful!

  5. Edouard memo: she was covered on July 20 and July 21.

  6. Hello Edward
    how are you friend,,
    I want to talk to you about a matter for the Arabian Horse lineages
    Can i communicate with you by mobile?

    bader ibn ed-derri from saudi arabia

  7. yes of course, I will email it to you.

  8. Congratulations! For those of us who have witnessed the time as well as, your efforts to preserve the lines and create this dream, this is big. I am sure this community is too- excited for the June 2016 arrival! You have allowed for us to share in the education of research, travel, history and culture as you have fervently sought to find what will significantly contribute to the breed. To that I would like to say Thank You- I have learned so much here!

  9. it’s words of encouragement like yours that keep this blog going, Kim. You fuel it. I just write.

  10. Hi Edward
    i still waiting for the Email

  11. How exciting! I have always thought that this mare is special,intelligent and regal! What wonderful threads of horses will be in this foal!

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