Belle this afternoon

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 20th, 2015 in General

This is Jadah BelloftheBall (aka “Belle”, and I am going to change this name with the registry). The background is an eyesore, but she otherwise looks good.

She is a 2002 Kuhaylat al-‘Ajuz, tracing to *Nufoud, a mare from the stables of Ibn Saud. Her sire is Invictus Al Krush and her dam is one of my favorite Arabian mares, Belladonna CHF, by Audobon out of LD Rubic, another favorite.

Belle 2015


3 Responses to “Belle this afternoon”

  1. One of Belle’s “layovers” in her journey from the Harris’, where she was bred and foaled, to Edouard was through my place. I’m glad you are going to change her name with the registry Edouard. She is through and through a “Belle of the Ball” to me at least.

  2. She is lovely! And what a great pedigree!!

  3. beautiful mare

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