Bint Radia photo

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 9th, 2015 in Egypt

bint radia

This is Bint Radia (Mabrouk Manial x Radia), also from the Agriculture Museum. This photo I have seen in a book before, just don’t ask me where.



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  1. Thanks Edouard for posting. This is one of my favorite ones of Bint Radia. You probably saw this one in Judith Forbis’s 1990 blue covered book: Authentic Arabian Bloodstock. It was in her RAS collection. That book was produced in the days before scanning and many of the photos sent to the printer for that project were lost! So the only access to them now is to cut up and old book and rescan, usually with poor results.

    This one you saw at the museum would certainly be an original print in good shape. Some of the RAS pictures that Judi acquired in Egypt were prints such as this one however they had been retouched in Egypt years ago whereby the backgrounds were taken out or people taken out. If you look through the English version of the RAS studbook you will notice that some of those were the retouched ones, such as Bint Gamila, Ibn Rabdan’s dam; and Bint Farida also was retouched to remove the background. An interesting thing about the English version of the RAS stud book photos though is that there is the only known picture of Ibn Nafa (who was imported with Exochorda to the U.S. in 1930).

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