Breeding wishlist this spring

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 26th, 2012 in General

It’s that exciting time of the year when one starts to make plans for breeding the mares, before budget constrains kick in.. and this year there are many more mares at the virtual Aldahdah stud.. So here’s the wish list:

— K. Haifi: Javera Chelsea to Triermain CF, the next best alternative to full brother/sister mating since Javera Thadrian, Triermain’s sire and Chelsea’s brother, died.

— Ma’naqi Sbayli: Dakhala Sahra also to Triermain CF, so as not to add any new bloodlines into this line, and change the existing type (Sahra is by Plantagenet, out of a Sir daughter). Her own son Rahim Regency WAF (by Regency CF) would have been nice, but it looks difficult to pull through, given her age (27). Both matings by embryo transfer.

— K. Haifi: Wisteria CF: many options possible: Porte CF (Portico x Recherche), Aurene CF (a half brother and close relative, by Triermain CF x Aureole CF) within the strain, in addition to her own sire Triermain, like last year, because I was pleased with the outcome; Mi Majest Prince (Fair Sir x Fairy Princess, 50% Tripoli) would also be nice, if he were set to ship from; outside the strain, the list is endless: Monologue CF, Firebolt CF, Clarion CF, etc.

— Saqlawi al-‘Abd: Jadiba: ditto: Porte CF, Aurene CF, Presto CF (Ibn Alamein x Pretty Fancy) or perhaps Monologue CF (Riposte CF x Soliloquy CF). She is currently in foal to Vice Regent CF. Ideally, this mare would go to a Davenport/Blunt stallion but there are none around; the 1971 stallion Ibn Tirf (Sutan x Shillala by Gulson) was the last one, so I am set to recreate that cross, once a staple of American Arabian breeding.

— K. Krush: Bint Al Barra: a Core Haifi, probably Aurene CF, or a Core Kurush stallion, or a mix of both, so as not to add any new lines; she already has Hanad, Poka, Harara, Babe Azab, Letan, Hasiker, and all the other building blocks of modern Davenport pedigrees in the back on her own pedigree.

— K. Krush: Cinnabar Myst: ditto, as she is a full sister of the above. Perhaps these two can be serviced by the same semen shipment.

I have never thought about it in these terms before pulling this list together, and it may seem obvious to some of you, but I am coming to realize how much of my plans to contribute to the revival of old American asil Arabian horse breeding (think Kellogg and Maynesboro) revolve around Davenport Kuhaylan Haifi stallions. They are the least common denominator to all the other existing old American asil bloodlines.

The other, smaller discovery, is my realization — just as I write this — of the relevance of the lines to the Davenport Jilfan Sattam al-Bulad import *El Bulad in old asil pedigrees, outside the “straight Davenports”; he is present in the pedigrees of three of the mares now with me: Jadiba, where he comes in twice through Dahura (*El Bulad x Nanshan), and the two Krush full sisters, where he appears through Fartak (*El Bulad x *Farha). Not sure what I should be doing with this realization. Nothing, perhaps.

9 Responses to “Breeding wishlist this spring”

  1. well where are the photos?

  2. Embryo transfer … ?

    Out of what?

    Is the carrier mare warmblood, quarter, … carrier mare or out of asil Arabian?

  3. transfer out of my old Arabian mares to carrier mares that are Arabian and Egyptian related.

  4. The carrier mares are Arabian (answering for Edouard!).

    To Edouard: and then if they all result in foals, do you celebrate or quake in your boots!

  5. Jeanne: first I will celebrate, then I will run to the bank and get a big loan that I will spend the rest of my life paying off.

  6. Edouard, you might also look at Port Angeles (Portico x Aureole) in Georgia…

  7. My plans to contribute to the revival of old american asil arabians revolve around Davenport Kuhailan Haifi stallions– Well would that be because the davenport gene pool was already set when the early asil breeding began? And then additions of the Babson and brown group followed by Harrises Saudi group, brought things up to about the time that the New Eygyptians came into play.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  8. yes, true. I meant to say that I expected there would be more asil stallions out there, tracing to old American lines outside the straight Davenport group. But there are almost none.

  9. Whether to set up Mi Majest Prince for shipping is RJ’s decision, but I will undertake to get Prince “to the church on time” as needed —

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