Broodmares at Craver Farms in 2002

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 29th, 2015 in General

Pirouette CF in the center (and the center of my interest back then), Wisteria to the right, turning her back and acting like the aloof princess she is, and unidentified chestnut mares at Craver Farms in 2002. Click to enlarge.

broodmares at cf 2002

4 Responses to “Broodmares at Craver Farms in 2002”

  1. Stunning! Jeanne, can you please identify the others?

  2. Chrysalis left front, Kiddleywink is the blonde behind her, then Quelle Femme in the middle, and Soliloquy between Pirouette and Wisteria.

  3. It is flipped, however, so I double-checked the markings on Chrysalis. All mares have CF as a suffix.

  4. What a gorgeous group of ladies!

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