Bushra, Kuhaylah Ju’aytiniyah from the Tahawi

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 7th, 2013 in Egypt, General


Last weekend I was Yasser Ghanem’s guest at his countryside farm in Abu Kebir in the Nile Delta area of Egypt, and I took this photo of him and his powerful Kuhaylah Ju’aytiniyah mare Bushra (Malek El Khayl x Bint Bombolla by Najm Tareq). It shows the quality and strength of some of these Tahawi desert bred Arabians. While there, I learned from Yehia Abdel Sattar al-Tahawi that his grand father Abdel Hamid Eliwa got the original Ju’aytiniyah mare from the Mawali Bedouin tribe of Syria through a middleman called al-Skaffi.\

I maintain that the strain goes back to Ju’aitin one of the ancestors of the Ibn Meheyd clan of the Fad’aan ‘Anazah Bedouins but I have no way to prove it so far.


13 Responses to “Bushra, Kuhaylah Ju’aytiniyah from the Tahawi”

  1. she reminds of photos of the davenport mare Asara.

  2. A lovely photo of both of them.

    The coloring is reminiscent of Asara, but so is that powerful hip.

  3. Would love if I could have all the information on the Tahawi Arabians .. I have long loved these Arabians and want to learn more !!!….Thank you

  4. Wow – what an outstanding mare!

  5. Wow indeed! She has excellent conformation. Good enough in fact to be a tail female mare. Her balance is excellent and her proportions good as well. Those Tahawi guys are lucky. She could give colts who could be used to improve and save the dwindling ,’asilness,’of general list arabians here in the west.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  6. nice, very nice.

  7. I have 2 stallions one of which is on my web site. Sensae is very closely colored and stature to this mare. Beautiful horses, all of them. I love the stance and power they project.

  8. Funny you should mention the resemblance to the Davenport mare Asara! My first impression, upon seeing the photo of the this Tahawi mare, was that she put me in mind of DB Air Alamahn, a great, great grandson of Asara in the tail female position. Wonderful mare shown here!

  9. LOVE this mare! Grace, beauty and power!

  10. très très belle jument,beaucoup de puissance.

  11. I think I should start a conservation breeding group for these three WAHO acepted Tahawy mare’s.
    Bint Barakat, 1941 grey Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah mare
    Folla, 1942 grey Shuwaymah Sabbah mare
    Futna, 1943 grey Kuhaylah Halawiyah mare
    These three dam lines combine, in a horse, would be a very interesting activity because this lines are very valuable in Straight Egyptian’s breedig Program.
    Any SE horse who traces in Tail female line of one of the three WAHO accepted Tahawy mare’s will be a Member in this Group it’s very easy now!!!…Straight Tahawy Egyptian = STE

  12. @Teymur why create another dog tag, asil & straight Egyptian sounds perfect for these Tahawis. Lovely mare and she would make a valuable outcross for the El-Zahraa lines today.

  13. I have 2 stallions I’d like to see some foals from. , think its a good idea.

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