Cehide, 1915, from the Ottoman Sultan Stables

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 13th, 2012 in General, Turkey

Teymur from Germany sent me this picture of the Arabian mare Cehide (pronounce it Jahidah), born in 1915. She was at the Ottoman Sultans’ stables until she joined the Turkish state studs when the Empire era came to an end. She was a Saqlawiyah Jadraniyah by a Saqlawi Jadran.



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  1. The Saqlawi Jidran were originally Saqlawi Tuhayyil of the Dhu Hussein in Yemen.
    The Saqlawi Jidran are supposed to Jidran, one of the three sons of Ibn Ad Derri of the so-called Qumusa-Sba’a.
    More likely, however, that after the Al Judran appointed by the Rualla who take their name from the Jabal Jidran in Asir, as de Rualla lived in South Arabia.

  2. Teymur, there is not one word in the information you posted about the origins of Saqlawi Jadran that is correct. It is a bunch of falsehoods. I don’t know how such nonsense can be peddled around the Internet. Sorry.

  3. I read them…in the Book:
    “Desert Legacy In Search of Syria’s Arabian Horses”.
    So’ I do not know this is false Information’s

    Sorry than.

  4. Cahide/Jahida was born at the Ottoman Imperial Cifteler Stud,(spelling out as:Chifteler), She was Dapple Grey, traces back to Anazeh Bedouin Breed.

    Also the Blunt’s visited in 1893 the Imperial Stables, in this Time, there were about 1,700 Purebred Arabian horses and Lady Anne saw a world-class Arabian mare, a Seglawiyah Jedraniyah, named Ashab by Amir Muhammed Ibn Ahmed Al Rashid.

    She said about her: >>a perfectly wonderful Gray mare, such lovely as a gazelle from Ali Pasha Sheriff<<.


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    Mr. Patterson who inhibited in ?zmir founded Smyrna Races Club with some of his friends and this club organized horse races in ?zmir, ?irinyer.

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    In 1928 High Race and Improvement Council was founded and horse breeding and horse races began to develop in the country.

    Atatürk has ordered the construction of the modern Ankara City Hippodrome and job was accomplished in 1936. Ankara Spring Races started in City Hippodrome and this hippodrome was used until 1979. With the foundation of 75ht Year Ankara Hippodrome in 2000 formal races began to be organized in Ankara again.

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