Chancery CF

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 9th, 2011 in General

He is with Debbie Jessen in Illinois, and a good horse, with a good pedigree. A 2003 Regency son, out of a Plantagenet daughter, out of a Sir Marchen grand-daughter, adding a line to the handsome Ibn Hanad (last headshot in black and white).

The first photo shows Chancery as a five years old, and the second and third as a growthy four year old. Asil Arabians of Davenport bloodlines are slow growers, and do no fully mature before 7 or 8 years old. Note the very short back, the deep girth, and the free shoulder movement.

In the last photo with Charles Craver, note the width between the eyes, the broad forehead, the protruding eye sockets, the length of the distance between the eye and the base of the ear, the small muzzle, the wide and delicate nostrils, and the prominent facial bones. Note the resemblance with the Ibn Hanad cropped headshot, too.

He is one of the three or four horses in my shortlist for breeding Jadiba to.

3 Responses to “Chancery CF”

  1. He looks very nice and should be a good stallion for Your mare, Edouard!

  2. A similar look to Crimson, I wonder if his mom is of the same type to Revie? Crimson is just about the sweetest horse I have ever been around. I think Mori did a great job of being his friend. Sure Mary is continuing the same.

    *Crimson is 19.4 Wadduda and 15.7 Urfah
    Then there is Monologue or Regency, Say Edouard your lucky to have such choices. (even more) like Regatta

    To bad Nan Burket is no longer here, you could breed the mare by the signs of the moon, and have a sure shot at a filly! Then there is this stallion…………………

    I wonder if ‘you will open an envelope and say, “the winner is…………….”

    The winner is Edouard and his mare! Sleepless nights, and the fun of dreams.

  3. you’re so right.. Regatta is a possibility, Monologue is a favorite (I saw him last week at Pam Klein’s), but Regency at 30 is not looking fertile anymore…

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