Chatham DE, asil Saqlawi Jadran, 100% old Crabbet lines

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 25th, 2016 in General

The handsome 2005 stallion Chatham DE (Huntington Doyle x Gulida Tara DE by Maloof Najid), photo from DeWayne Brown.



5 Responses to “Chatham DE, asil Saqlawi Jadran, 100% old Crabbet lines”

  1. There is something so powerful and majestic about a Doyle Arabian stallion. They just ooze masculinity! I have ridden next to them, very businesslike and determined.

  2. Crabbet horses will remain the ultimate reference for what an Arabian horse should be.

  3. So much for Raswans theory that strains carried type with them. He has the good hindquarters allegedly carried with the Hamdany Simri strain- round with a good angled slope downwards, yet is a concentrated Seglawy. He’s built like a tank with admirable power. I bet he’s be a very good breeding stallion.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  4. Bruce, Raswan’s theories are complex and sometimes contradictory. But to be fair to Raswan he did illustrate some pedigrees where strains other than in the tail female line can overwhelm a particular individual. The 3 foundation animals that Doc Doyle started with in 1949 also carried considerable influence of the Kuhaylan Ajuz Rodan mare Rodania, known for her lasting impact for generations. Ghadaf had 3 crosses to her, Gulida had 5 crosses to her and Nusi had 4 crosses to her. So you can imagine that no matter how much you repeat the generations to these three foundation animals with their Saqlawi Jidran influences you are also concentrating Rodania’s influence in a major way. I like Peter Upton’s painting from a photoraph, of Rodania because it shows distinctly her conformation. It is remarkable how much of her structure shows in Gulastra who is repeated many times in the Doyle bred horses. I have seen Doyle bred horses since the mid 1970s and it is amazing how much I see a repeat of Rodania’s depth, shoulders, whithers, and hind quarters in some measure in many of them.

  5. ‘Business-like’ Good description Carrie, that’s exactly what I thought from the photo of his stride behind.. looks like he is going somewhere with real purpose, I love a big ground-covering walk and a smooth as silk floating canter, hallmarks of a good Arabian horse,the trot, so beloved of the in hand show-ring, is of lesser importance (imo) !
    Oh Bruce, I see what you do, (although I do like a really good tail set which gives the style and classic silhouette but with a functional angle to the pelvis) but it is almost the exact opposite of what all my show clients are breeding for, they like the topline of a Jersey cow, the flatter and more horizontal the pelvis, the better 🙁

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