Children of the Wind: Between Orient and Occident: WAHO sponsored conference in Sicily

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 19th, 2010 in General

Check out the program of this interesting conference to be held in Sicily, Italy in two weeks time. The choice of the venue is ominous, since Sicily is along with Andalusia, one of the regions of Europe where Arabo-Islamic culture blended with Western culture over several centuries. Note also the panel of speakers and the sponsorship by WAHO, which brings me to my next observation: that WAHO is slowly but surely moving towards more and more emphasis on linking the Arabian horses to its roots, its heritage and historical context. A good thing, for sure.

4 Responses to “Children of the Wind: Between Orient and Occident: WAHO sponsored conference in Sicily”

  1. I see that Monika Savier is one of the coordinators of the conference. She was one of the excellent photographers who helped us do the Khamsat last year on the WAHO conference in Syria. I am most interested in this conference!

  2. When I saw this I thought, “Great! I’ll hop on a plane and go,” and then I saw the dates. ūüôĀ The mother of the child who is part of my life will be in Hong Kong all that week, so I must stay here. Am so very disappointed. I notice it says the event will be streamed live via internet TV. Don’t know if I can get that, but will certainly try. Would so love to go. I’ll bet the owners of the stable where I keep Mandour will be going. One of them is president of ECAHO.

  3. Yep. Just checked the list of speakers. Willi Luder will be speaking.

  4. It took place in Trapani. In 2011 the was another show too.
    PS: The mosaics of Cappella Palatina are Byzantine.

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