Clarion CF, 1991 Hamdani Simri stallion

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 1st, 2011 in General

My favorite stallion of the visit was without contest the 1991 Hamdani Simri stallion Clarion CF (Regency CF x Chinoiserie CF by Dharanad), at Kirby Drennan. I would like to breed a mare to him in the near future.

This stallion, who has a strong liver chestnut color, is built like a war horse. He has a masculine, virile, beauty. Jeanne Craver always knew I would like him, and she was right. Jeanne said that if this horse was with the Shammar Bedouins, he would be their herd sire. I could not agree more.

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  1. Edouard: do you know if the cravers have frozen him? Clearly he’s an easy keeper. But American- or I should say waho arabians desperately need better body strength which he exemplifies!
    Best Wishes

  2. No he was never frozen before. He belongs to Kirby and I will tell Kirby about that. I really would like to use him.

  3. That powerful loin, especially, seems to come up in the Dharanad descendants over and over again.

  4. He reminds me of some of the Bahraini horses that I have seen here. Certainly has an engine!

  5. The Dharanad descendants do seem to have strong engines as Una CF.
    How does her half brother Mohican CF looks like. Anyone has picture of him to share.

  6. I saw Mohican a couple days ago. He does have that strong hindquarter, and I am very intrigued by him. No Tripoli (so no *Abbeian 111) and no Schilla. And K. Hayfi. The last stallion of such combination, and one of two or there last remaining Davenport horses with such a pedigree.

  7. Mohican CF is more like *Hamrah than I have ever seen in a living horse.

  8. Yes, RJ! I too was struck by the resemblance with this photo:

  9. Last I knew, there are still several living horses of Mohican CF’s pedigree combination, including Una CF and Pennyroyal CF, and two very old mares named Femina CF and Bonne Fleur CF.

  10. RJ and Edouard, you are both overdue for a visit to Michael Bowling’s, then. 😀

  11. Ambar, are you taking about Eldar?

  12. I am indeed.

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