Clarion CF

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 9th, 2011 in General

Clarion (Regency x Chinoiserie by Dharanad), a 1991 Hamdani Simri is another candidate for Jadiba.

7 Responses to “Clarion CF”

  1. I will add, since you commented on the length of the mare’s back, that I have found Dharanad to be a powerful influence for short backs and strong loins in the Davenport group —

  2. That’s what Jeanne has been saying, and she is leaning in favor of Clarion becasue of the hip and powerful croup.

  3. If it was my choice i would choose Clarion. Even with the odd photo his quality and masculinity stands out. Very cute photo but hard to really see all his good points.

  4. he is a very powerful horse, and very well built.

  5. I normally only comment on the colour of a horse when I can’t find anything else nice to say about him, NOT the case here but … he is a beautiful colour!

  6. very dark chestnut.

  7. my favourite.

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