CSA Baroness Lady to be bred to MSF Hamdani Simri for a 2015 foal

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 20th, 2014 in General

Hopefully, on Sunday the Ma’naqiyah mare I recently acquired, CSA Baroness Lady will be bred to MSF Hamdani Simri (Faydin x IMF Badia Nafila by PRI Gamil Halim) of Lesley Detweiler, a stallion of very similar pedigree. It is a preservation breeding.

Both have highly unusual (within Al Khamsa) Blunt/Crabbet tail females, the mare to Ferida (Ma’naqi Sbaili of the Shammar) and the stallion to Sobha (Hamdani Simri of APS). Both are sired by stallions bred at the Babson Farm. Both are heavily top-crossed with  new Egyptian blood (mainly Ansata with lots of Nazeer), and both have tiny amounts of Early American blood (Davenport, Hamidie, Huntington, and Nedjran) at the back of the tail female through Tizzy for the stallion and Milanne for the mare.

MSF Hamdani Simri struck me when I saw him at the 2011 AK Convention in PA in 2011. The large truly Arabian eye, the nostrils made of velvet, the long and arched neck, the curved mithbah, the nice shoulder, and the high tail setting impressed me. Back then I thought I wanted to see a stronger, broader croup and hindquarter (Doyle style) and a broader chest, but that’s okay and the mare has plenty of both. Also, what style he had, what carriage, what class.

Truly there is something special with these Sobha tail females, and Lady Anne Blunt was speaking of Sobha and her daughter Safra, which she had just purchased, when she wrote in her Journals:

“I don’t know what it is, or rather I don’t know how to put into words that indescribable air of distinction which marks the horses and mares of Ali Pasha Sherif’s”

MSF Hamdani Simri is only nine generations removed from Sobha in the tail female, six generations to *Simawa (Rustem x Sarama by Daoud) who was imported to the USA where she sired the stallion Katar by Gulastra and the mare Koreish, by Alcazar, both bred by Albert Harris. Also, MSF Hamdani Simri’s dam is a sister of Virginia Deyr (Tristram x LR Double Bubble), who is one of most beautiful mares I have seen on photo (in an old Khamsat).


Below are a couple photos of him, courtesy of Jenny Krieg, and taken by Monica Respet in 2011, with Tom Detweiler holding him:

image003 image005

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