DA Ginger Moon in foal to Bahraini stallion Solomon

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 8th, 2014 in Bahrain

If case you had been wondering what this spat of blog entries on Bahraini horses was all about, here is the answer: my most recent acquisition DA Ginger Moon (DB Destiny Moniet x Kumence RSI by Monietor RSI) was just checked in foal to the 28 year old Bahraini stallion Mlolshaan Hager Solomon, at Bill Biel’s in Michigan. This is such an exciting development I can’t wait for the foal already (and it’s a damn 11 months to go!)

All this time I had been trying to learn more about these Bahraini horses, and wanting to share some of what I have been finding.


12 Responses to “DA Ginger Moon in foal to Bahraini stallion Solomon”

  1. It will be a wonderful foal, Edouard. All digits crossed for a successful pregnancy.

  2. Good for you Edouard! Nice seton of the neck plenty high without being too long. I’ll bet she can collet quite easily.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  3. Thanks Bruce and Jeanne. I agree I would have liked to see a longer neck on that mare.

  4. Cela devrait faire un magnifique poulain ou encore mieux une superbe pouliche.

  5. Excellent news and best of luck.
    I had a strong feelings you will breed one of your mares to Mlolshaan. I was hoping that you might breed a Davenport mare to him.

  6. I just felt I had to walk to talk… 🙂

  7. Wonderful news! A colt to retain Solomon’s sire line would be nice.

  8. i want a colt..

  9. Agreed, it will be a long 11 months. Congratulations!

  10. Finally after many months the “reply” function in your blog is working for me.

    It is great to be able to comment again and let me begin by saying congratulations Edouard for this good news. Mlolshaan Hager Solomon is a horse I have long admired and believed in so it is great to see him now have this opportunity to add to the Al Khamsa heritage. And DA Ginger Moon is a granddaughter of one of my old favorites at Richard Pritzlaff’s, Kumoniet RSI. I tried for a long time to persuade Richard to breed Kumoniet RSI to Blue Boy (Alcibiades x Tatu) and if a filly, the hope is that it would go to Vincent Melzac’s to be bred to Greggan. But thanks to Sheila Harmon, you have in DA Ginger Moon similar ingredients and now the Mlolshaan breeding is very exciting news. Wishing you the best.

  11. Thank you Joe. I have to thank you, for making it possible to breed to Mlolshaan. You are the reason why he is registered and in Al Khamsa. Just following your insights here.

    I am intrigued: why Blue Boy and why Greggan? as opposed to several other Pritzlaff and Doyle horses?

  12. I am the most fortunate person on earth. I just obtained the 2014 foal out of DA Ginger Moon. I plan to complete the Tevis Cup in California on him when he is eight years old. I have a full sister to this foal who’s name is DA Ebony Moon. She has done well in the endurance arena with 14 rides and 14 completions. For a total of 710 endurance miles and 55 LD’s. Two of these rides were 100 mile rides and she completed the Tevis in 2013 and also the 100 mile AERC National Championship also in 2013. She has taken a year off from endurance and is 6 months in foal to DWA Papillon (the son of Monarch AH). I will get to see Mlolshaan Hagar Soloman in Michigan at Bill Biel Stable when I pick up the 2014 foal of Ginger. I might be very interest in a foal out of Solomon and my Ebony. Sorry to go on and on!!! Chris Yost, Idaho

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